Startup Showcase: Concept Apps – Reinventing Urban Mobility

Pioneering multimodal public transport journey planning in Romania

Welcome to another Startup Showcase, where we spotlight ambitious companies revolutionizing industries across Europe. Today’s feature is Concept Apps, a Bucharest-based tech startup altering the landscape of urban mobility through its innovative mobile and web applications, and Geographic Information System (GIS) software.

Transport Urban: Facilitating Multimodal Transport in Romania

Concept Apps’s flagship project, Transport Urban, is a multimodal public transport journey planner. It is currently functional in seven cities across Romania, including Bucharest, covering networks comprising over 280 public transit routes and 4,000 stops. These transport agencies cater to the daily commute needs of over three million people.

Transport Urban is more than just a journey planner. It’s a comprehensive solution for public transit route planning, offering complex tools for generating and maintaining data associated with transport networks. With over 70,000 monthly users, the platform stands as a testament to the convenience and efficiency that technology can bring to urban commuting.

Unifying User Experience Across Platforms

The strength of Concept Apps lies in its expertise in mobile and web application development. Although each application is developed natively using different technologies, they offer a uniform user experience across a wide range of devices. This consistent and intuitive interface makes navigation and usage easy for users, enhancing the overall user experience.

Concept Apps’ clientele isn’t limited to the general public; it also includes telecom operators, device manufacturers, and transit agencies. These partnerships further underline the robustness and versatility of the company’s technology solutions.

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Leading the Way in Romanian Tech Innovation

Concept Apps is setting the pace for tech innovation in Romania. With its focus on mobile and web applications and GIS software, it exemplifies the transformative power of technology. By focusing on public transport and urban mobility, the startup is directly impacting the daily lives of millions of Romanians, making it a formidable player in the tech startup ecosystem of Romania.

As Concept Apps continues to evolve and innovate, it’s a venture to keep a keen eye on. Its work serves as a promising indication of the advancements we can expect in the fields of public transportation and urban mobility in the coming years.

Follow Concept Apps’ journey and stay updated with their latest developments and successes by visiting their website and social media pages.


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