Startup Showcase: Clipsure – Revolutionizing Broadcast Compliance Services

Bridging the Gap Between Traditional TV and the Internet

Dublin, Dublin, Ireland – Clipsure emerges as a dynamic force in the broadcast industry, offering innovative broadcast compliance services and production tools to broadcasters across the UK and Europe. With a mission to bridge the divide between traditional TV and the Internet, Clipsure empowers advertisers, broadcasters, and media agencies with comprehensive SaaS-based video analysis, research services, and disruptive TV advertisement monitoring. By revolutionizing the way the industry monitors competitors’ activities, Clipsure is reshaping the landscape of broadcast compliance.

Unlocking Insightful Competitor Intelligence

ClipSure’s flagship product, Adtracker, is a game-changing solution that empowers businesses by monitoring their competitors’ marketing spend and TV buying activity. By tracking competitors’ media activity and TV advertising campaigns, Adtracker provides valuable insights into marketing strategies, creative copy, and campaign activities. This comprehensive intelligence allows businesses to stay one step ahead, enabling them to make informed decisions and optimize their own advertising efforts.

Bridging Traditional TV and the Internet

Recognizing the shifting landscape of media consumption, Clipsure has developed a range of services that seamlessly integrate traditional TV and the Internet. By accessing extensive archives online, broadcasters can leverage the power of the Internet to analyze TV content against business performance indicators. This convergence of traditional and digital media opens up new avenues for broadcasters to maximize their reach, engage with audiences, and drive business growth.

Disruptive TV Advertisement Monitoring

ClipSure’s latest offering, a disruptive TV advertisement monitoring service, sets a new standard in the industry. By providing a web-based, self-service platform, Clipsure offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional TV ad intelligence offerings while delivering equally effective tools for advertisers and their agencies. This innovative solution allows businesses to monitor competitor creative copy, TV campaign activity, and strategies with ease, providing valuable insights to refine their own advertising efforts and gain a competitive edge.

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With an extensive coverage footprint across the UK’s top-rated TV channels, both terrestrial and satellite, Clipsure ensures comprehensive monitoring of the media landscape. As the company expands its coverage footprint over time, its services will become increasingly accessible to a wider audience across the UK and beyond.




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