Startup Showcase: cherryfish Revolutionizes External Workforce Sourcing with Data-Driven Platform

Introducing cherryfish: The Berlin-based Startup Redefining Agile Workforce Sourcing

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, companies are increasingly relying on external workforce to meet their agile needs. Introducing cherryfish, the Berlin-based startup that has created the first data-driven sourcing platform for external workforce. With its innovative approach, cherryfish is revolutionizing the way organizations source, assess, and manage their external talent, making it easier than ever to build agile teams and complete projects efficiently.

Transforming Sourcing for Agile Organizations

At the heart of cherryfish’s platform lies a powerful tool that enables sourcing teams to find the experts they need, compare them objectively, and make informed decisions. By gathering the best professional profiles from different headhunters and platforms, cherryfish streamlines the sourcing process, providing companies with access to a diverse pool of talent. The cherryfish assessment, an algorithm-based evaluation system, quantifies candidates’ skills and abilities, facilitating transparent and cost-efficient sourcing.

Objective Matching of Skill Profiles

One of the key features of cherryfish is its ability to automatically match candidate profiles to vacant project positions. By translating CV data into skill profiles, cherryfish ensures that the most suitable candidates are identified for each project. This objective matching process eliminates biases and enhances the efficiency of talent acquisition. With cherryfish, companies can source external workforce quickly and accurately, enabling them to adapt to market demands effectively.

Empowering Headhunters with a New Sales Channel

cherryfish not only benefits companies but also provides a unique sales channel for headhunters. By publishing curated positions from medium-sized companies to large corporations, cherryfish offers headhunters a competitive advantage. The platform serves as a candidate assessment and management tool, allowing headhunters to showcase their candidates and match them automatically to open positions. With cherryfish, headhunters can expand their reach and maximize their success in connecting talented individuals with the right opportunities.

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Pioneering the Future of External Workforce Sourcing

cherryfish’s innovative platform is set to change the landscape of external workforce sourcing. By leveraging data-driven insights, the company caters to the needs of agile organizations, helping them build dynamic teams and respond swiftly to market demands. With its user-friendly interface, objective assessment system, and comprehensive talent pool, cherryfish is poised to become an indispensable tool for businesses seeking flexibility and competitive advantage.


As the external workforce continues to play a crucial role in the business world, cherryfish stands out as a pioneer in redefining how organizations source and manage this talent. With its data-driven platform, cherryfish empowers companies to build agile teams, source talent efficiently, and drive success in an ever-changing market. By providing objective assessments, transparent matching, and a new sales channel for headhunters, cherryfish is revolutionizing the way external workforce is sourced, setting the stage for a more agile future.

To learn more about cherryfish and its groundbreaking platform, visit their website at Stay up-to-date with their latest updates and insights by following them on:

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