Startup Showcase: CareOS – The Digital Center of Self-Care

CareOS is an innovative health and beauty operating system that offers a new experience in self-care. The platform works naturally into your care, beauty, and health rituals, offering an all-in-one solution for smart bathroom technology. CareOS is an open platform that provides a new and secure way of managing data, privacy, and AI-powered features.

Revolutionizing Self-Care

CareOS is the first secure health and beauty operating system that offers a natural and innovative solution for all wellness areas, including home, hotels, spas, hair salons, or point of sales. The platform is staged on a smart mirror, and the solution connects devices and services to provide a new experience in self-care. Artificial intelligence is at the heart of its key features, making CareOS a cutting-edge platform for hands-free and smartphone-free experiences in the bathroom.

Touchless Interaction

CareOS offers a touchless interaction experience by allowing users to swipe the air to interact with the mirror. With no need to dry hands, everything stays clean, and users can control the mirror’s display with simple gestures.

Face Recognition and Voice Command

CareOS is equipped with face recognition technology, allowing the mirror to recognize users and log them into their profile. The platform also offers voice command features, allowing users to control the display with simple voice commands when their hands are full.

Object Recognition and Smart Lighting

CareOS’s object recognition feature allows users to scan any product to display beauty recommendations and tutorials. The platform also offers smart lighting features that allow users to pick the adjusted light for makeup or professional-quality portraits.

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Advanced Features

CareOS is equipped with advanced features that include 4D visualization, virtual try-on for hair and makeup, and visual acuity check. The platform also offers a unique feature of heating the shower and morning light.

Privacy and Security

CareOS works through a box that provides a private network to all connected devices, ensuring data security according to GDPR. The platform is an open platform, allowing its ecosystem of partners to boost their technology and enhance their services in the areas of beauty, health, and wellness. Groupe Seb, iHealth, Terraillon, Hydrao, and more than twenty other key players in beauty, health, and IoT already trust CareOS.


In conclusion, CareOS is an innovative startup that is revolutionizing the self-care industry. The platform offers an all-in-one solution for smart bathroom technology, with features such as touchless interaction, face recognition, voice command, object recognition, smart lighting, and advanced features. With its focus on privacy and security, CareOS is a reliable and innovative solution for anyone looking to enhance their self-care experience.




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