Startup Showcase: breathe ilo – Tracking Fertility with Your Breath

Trying to conceive can be a stressful and emotional journey for couples, and understanding a woman’s fertile days can be a key factor in achieving a successful pregnancy. Traditional methods of tracking fertility can be time-consuming and invasive, but breathe ilo has found a simpler way. In this Startup Showcase, we will take a closer look at breathe ilo, its innovative approach to fertility tracking, and why it’s worth considering for couples trying to conceive.

Revolutionizing Fertility Tracking

Launched in 2019, breathe ilo is the world’s first fertility tracker that uses breath analysis to identify a woman’s ovulation pattern and fertile window. The device is a small handheld unit that syncs with an app and reads the breath’s CO2 saturation to determine where a woman is in her cycle with incredible accuracy. The process is easy, comfortable, and can be done at any time of the day. The brainchild of Professor Dr. Ludwig Wildt and Dr. Horst Rüther, breathe ilo is an Austrian female empowerment tech startup on a mission to break the taboo which surrounds speaking out about trying to conceive and cycle tracking.

The Science of Breath Analysis

Breath analysis is a non-invasive, painless and quick way of detecting various biomarkers in the breath. breathe ilo’s device measures the CO2 saturation in the breath to determine when a woman is ovulating. This technology is based on the understanding that the breath contains markers that are indicative of changes in the body, such as ovulation. By analyzing these markers, breathe ilo can accurately predict a woman’s fertile days and improve the chances of conceiving.

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Easy and Comfortable

Traditional methods of fertility tracking, such as basal body temperature and cervical mucus analysis, can be time-consuming and invasive. breathe ilo’s approach is different, offering a simple and comfortable way to track fertility. The device is small and easy to use, requiring only a few breaths to accurately measure CO2 saturation. The data is then synced to the app, which provides valuable insights into a woman’s fertility and cycle.

Final Thoughts

breathe ilo is revolutionizing the way couples track fertility with its innovative breath analysis technology. The device is easy to use, comfortable, and accurate, making it an ideal choice for couples trying to conceive. With its focus on female empowerment and breaking the taboo around fertility tracking, breathe ilo is a startup worth watching.





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