Startup Showcase: BI-SAM Technologies – Empowering Investment Managers with Smart Analytics

Are you an investment manager looking for innovative and cutting-edge solutions for your business? Look no further than BI-SAM Technologies, a Paris-based fintech company that offers analytics software, client reporting, and data management solutions to the investment management industry.

Revolutionizing the Investment Management Industry

With over two decades of experience in the industry, BI-SAM Technologies has become a trusted partner of private banks, asset managers, hedge funds, and family offices around the world. The company’s suite of solutions has been specifically designed to empower investment managers with smart analytics, streamline operations, and improve their overall performance.

Functional and Operational Solutions

BI-SAM Technologies offers functional and operational solutions to address the needs of the investment management industry. These solutions include technical architecture solutions, BI-SAM’s B-One platform for data management, performance attribution, and risk portfolio analysis, as well as automated fact sheets and institutional client reports production. BI-SAM’s analytics suite is specifically designed to calculate performance measurement, equities/balanced attribution, fixed income attribution, risk attribution, and decomposition.

Data Management and Reporting Suite

BI-SAM Technologies’ data management suite serves as an info-center for the management of data integration, integrity, storage, extraction, data management, data repository, data mart manager, and application protocol interface web service phases. The company’s reporting suite allows users to customize and diffuse report builder, report generator, report publisher, and workflow management.

Professional and Training Services

BI-SAM Technologies offers various professional services such as integration interfaces, data management and controls, calculation and classification settings, customized reports, go-live and stepped implementation assistance, technical and business training, and client support.

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With strategic partnerships with some of the world’s leading technology companies such as Rimes, Business Objects, Altran Switzerland, Fincad, Citisoft, Investit, Bea, Oracle, Sybase, and IBM, BI-SAM Technologies is committed to providing its clients with the best-in-class solutions to help them achieve their goals.

Experience the BI-SAM Technologies Difference

If you are an investment manager looking to improve your operations and performance, BI-SAM Technologies is the perfect partner for you. With its cutting-edge solutions and a team of experienced professionals, the company is committed to revolutionizing the investment management industry.





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