Startup Showcase: AVHIRAL – A French-Style Compact Supercomputer

Are you looking for a compact supercomputer that can perform tasks that current computers cannot perform today? Look no further than AVHIRAL, a French-style compact supercomputer developed by Avhiral, a computer and network security company.

Revolutionary Innovation in Computing, Electronics, and Telecommunication

AVHIRAL is not just another competitor to Raspberry Pi. It is packed with a multitude of hardware and software innovations that make it a revolutionary innovation in computing, electronics, and telecommunication. The AVHIRAL V3.5 is designed for professional and personal use in research and computer development.

Multi-Purpose Applications

The AVHIRAL V3.5 is a digital Swiss army knife that can be used for various applications such as home automation, artificial intelligence, robotics, acquisition and real-time calculation of high capacities for 3D printers, on-board recorders, weapon systems, and automated defenses. In short, AVHIRAL will perform tasks that current computers cannot perform today.

Passionate Collective of Developers

AVHIRAL is a registered trademark, and many atypical innovations are planned. Avhiral is a collective of passionate individuals who are looking for new skills in electronics, networks, and development to carry out this technological adventure. The company is committed to bringing together top talent from the industry to create this exceptional product.

In conclusion, AVHIRAL is a French-style compact supercomputer that offers a wide range of innovative features. It is an ideal solution for professionals and individuals who want to perform high-level computing tasks. With the promise of being a digital Swiss army knife, this product has the potential to change the computing world as we know it.

Link to AVHIRAL’s website and social media:

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