Startup Showcase: AudioTrip – Explore the World Through the Power of Audio Storytelling

In a world where we are constantly bombarded with visual stimuli, sometimes it’s refreshing to let our ears do the exploring. AudioTrip is a storytelling app that guides you around different places with the voices of the community. Based in Bielsko-biala, Slaskie, Poland, AudioTrip is a provider of the leading market solution for audiotours, working across a broad spectrum of industries. Let’s dive deeper into what makes AudioTrip a game-changer in the world of audio storytelling.

Revolutionizing Audio Storytelling with Community Voices

One of the unique features of AudioTrip is that it uses the voices of the community to guide users around different places. This not only adds a personal touch to the experience but also helps support local communities. The app allows users to listen to stories told by locals, from the history of a particular building to the best places to eat in a city. By using community voices, AudioTrip is revolutionizing the way we experience audio storytelling and making it accessible to anyone, anywhere.

Customizable and Comprehensive Service

AudioTrip offers a comprehensive service, from audio recordings to the development of specified applications. They work with over 50 institutions interested in audioguides and applications, including museums, zoos, cities, regions, companies, and software houses. Their interdisciplinary team consists of experienced developers, IT specialists, business analysts, actors, and scriptwriters, which allows them to offer a customizable and comprehensive service. AudioTrip’s development team is specialized in applications using GPS localization, media recording, and augmented reality-based solutions. They are not only experienced in the mobile market but also running experimental projects in the newest technologies segment like Oculus Rift-driven virtual reality and iBeacons.

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Bringing Audio Storytelling to the World

AudioTrip is headquartered in Bielsko-Biala, Poland, with regional offices in Warsaw, Prague, and London. Their app is available in multiple languages, allowing users from around the world to explore new places through the power of audio storytelling. AudioTrip has already worked with a variety of institutions, from museums to cities, and their innovative approach to audio storytelling is gaining traction worldwide.


AudioTrip is changing the way we experience audio storytelling by using the voices of the community to guide users around different places. Their customizable and comprehensive service, along with their use of the latest technologies, has allowed them to work with a variety of institutions across multiple industries. With their app available in multiple languages and their innovative approach to audio storytelling, AudioTrip is bringing the world to our ears.





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