Startup Showcase: AR Market – Immersive Tech for Marketing, Retailing, and Education

Meet the Italian startup using AR/VR to create powerful experiences

AR Market is an innovative startup based in Rome, Lazio, Italy, that operates in the immersive technology market, with a focus on marketing, retailing, education, and training. Using AR/VR technology, the company creates content and business applications that enhance user experience and retention. AR Market’s solutions are designed for B2B, training, and education, with a particular emphasis on creating powerful experiences through gamification.

AR Market’s Solutions

AR Market offers a range of solutions that leverage AR/VR technology to create immersive experiences. Here are some examples:

  1. In-App AR Experiences: AR Market provides B2B customers with in-app AR experiences that enhance engagement and user experience. For example, a retail store might use AR technology to create virtual try-on experiences for customers or an event might use AR technology to create interactive displays.
  2. VR Situational Training: AR Market also offers VR situational training for businesses looking to improve their training programs. By creating immersive VR environments that simulate real-world scenarios, AR Market can help businesses train employees in a more effective and engaging way.
  3. AR/VR Experiences for Education: AR Market is also leveraging AR/VR technology to create powerful educational experiences. The company has created AR/VR adventure books for kids that combine educational content with immersive experiences. AR Market is also developing AR/VR game boards and arts to create more engaging and effective educational products.

Success Milestones

AR Market has achieved several success milestones since its inception. The company has launched several apps for B2B, training, and education, including a junior app and two apps for kids. AR Market has also commercialized four AR publications online through its owned ecommerce and global marketplaces, including the very first AR/VR adventure book for kids. The company has received several awards for its products and ideas, including the Horizon 2020 “Seal of Excellence” and the “Ernst & Young Special Prize” in the context of “Premio Marzotto 2019.”

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Traction and Customers

AR Market has generated €120K in revenues in 2020, with more than 10K app downloads, 7K web users, and 21K monthly views. The company’s estimated revenues for 2021 are €250-300K. AR Market’s key customers include P&G Italia, Esa (European Space Agency), Duracell Italia, Faro Spa, Marshall, Fonte, and Archeogeo. The company’s key partners include Assintel, ConfCommercio, Tim Digital Store, Sellmasters, AR Cloud, ICE/Italian Trade Agency, Musemio Ltd, Space 42, Remedia, and Coderdojo Rome.

Team and Funding

AR Market’s team has multifunctional expertise and competencies. It is made up of five cofounders with a mix of corporate and entrepreneurial experience and a staff including marketers, developers, graphic designers, and 3D artists. AR Market is a self-funded startup, but the company is looking for a first round of funding to scale up fast, expand its team, invest in R&D and marketing, and grow commercial partnerships.


AR Market is an innovative startup that is using AR/VR technology to create powerful experiences for marketing, retailing, education, and training. With a range of solutions that leverage immersive technology, AR Market is helping businesses and educators enhance user experience, engagement, and retention. If you’re interested in learning more about AR Market and its solutions, visit their website or connect with them on LinkedIn.



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