Startup Showcase: Applix – Revolutionizing Mobile Solutions for Brands and Publishers

Empowering Brands and Publishers with Innovative Mobile Platforms


Welcome to our startup showcase featuring Applix, a cutting-edge company specializing in mobile solutions for brands, publishers, and institutions. With a focus on creating innovative and relevant digital platforms, Applix has emerged as a strategic partner for some of the most prominent businesses and publishers in the industry. In this showcase, we explore the exceptional services and achievements that have propelled Applix to the forefront of mobile innovation.

Digital Publishing: Turning Pages into Interactive Experiences

Applix is a trailblazer in transforming traditional publishing products into captivating digital experiences. With their expertise in digital publishing, they offer solutions that convert any paper-based publication into interactive editions accessible on smartphones, tablets, and computers. By leveraging their cutting-edge technologies, Applix enables brands and publishers to manage information in a fluid and innovative manner while monitoring readers’ activities.

Through Applix’s digital publishing solutions, brands and publishers can engage their audience with interactive content, enhancing the reading experience and creating a lasting impact. By embracing digital transformation, organizations can unlock new opportunities for growth and reach wider audiences in the digital landscape.

Mobile & Apps: Tailor-Made Solutions for Every Client

Applix takes pride in delivering tailor-made solutions that cater to the unique needs of each client. With their wealth of experience, technological prowess, and innovative skills, they excel at turning diverse projects into customized mobile products. Whether it’s a brand looking to establish a mobile presence or a publisher seeking to enhance their digital offerings, Applix provides comprehensive solutions that drive success.

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By collaborating closely with clients, Applix ensures that their mobile solutions align with the client’s vision, objectives, and target audience. From concept to development, Applix guides businesses and publishers in leveraging mobile technologies to create user-friendly and engaging experiences that captivate their customers.

A History of Success and International Recognition

Since its establishment in 2010, Applix has achieved remarkable success and garnered international recognition. The company secured a €3 million investment in 2011 from renowned entities such as Principia 2 fund, AngelLab, and Hyppo Corporation. This investment laid the foundation for Applix’s international expansion and the development of their exceptional products.

Furthermore, Applix expanded its capabilities through strategic acquisitions. In 2012 and 2014, they acquired Xorovo and bSmart, both of which have become integral business units. Xorovo specializes in developing end-user and enterprise solutions for mobile devices, while bSmart focuses on digital publishing services for education. These acquisitions have strengthened Applix’s expertise and allowed them to offer a broader range of services to their clients.

Applix’s outstanding mobile applications have received numerous international awards and have been downloaded in over 120 countries. Their apps have reached the top 10 ranking in more than 50 countries’ app stores, with millions of downloads. This remarkable global recognition reflects the quality, innovation, and impact of Applix’s mobile solutions.


Applix is revolutionizing the mobile landscape for brands, publishers, and institutions. With their expertise in digital publishing and customized mobile solutions, they empower organizations to create immersive experiences and expand their digital reach. As a strategic partner, Applix combines cutting-edge technologies with a deep understanding of their clients’ needs, ensuring the delivery of innovative and effective mobile solutions.

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