Startup Showcase: – Enhancing Growth Marketing Output for Larger Companies

In the fast-paced world of business, companies need to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to marketing. That’s where comes in. Based in Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands, is a consultancy company and venture fund that specializes in enhancing growth marketing output for larger companies. With a wide range of services on offer, is helping businesses stay ahead of the competition.

A Comprehensive Range of Services offers a comprehensive range of services to help companies succeed in the digital age. These include:

  • Full-spectrum digital marketing support
  • E-business strategy development
  • Billing and accounting
  • Management support
  • On- and offline PR
  • IT assistance and web development
  • Talent recruitment
  • Investments

With its multi-functional e-marketing team and proprietary tools, has the expertise to help companies with everything from developing a marketing strategy to recruiting talent to managing finances.

The C.A.S.H.C.OW. | B.O.M.B.E.R Formula uses an innovative formula as its main strategic mantra. The C.A.S.H.C.OW. | B.O.M.B.E.R formula is what any innovative business should use to succeed. It’s a culmination of the world’s best digital marketing tricks, optimized by Bas Godska, who developed the formula during years of marketeering across multiple continents.

C.A.S.H.C.OW. stands for context (cost per click), affiliate marketing, search engine optimization, human interaction, customer relationship management, optimized usability, and web analytics. Bomber stands for brand, online communities (social media), metasearch (price comparison), banners, email marketing, and retargeting. These two code words make for a truly strong interaction of elements, which helps to boost existing businesses and allows for checking the strength and feasibility of any startup, from a marketing perspective.

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Support for Startups is not just for established businesses; it also offers support to qualified startups. The company can provide startups with superior marketing advice and support, strategic advice, office space, financial and legal resources, clients, an international network, expertise, HR recruitment assistance, management support, and on- and offline PR. can also help with basic IT requirements, giving startups the tools they need to succeed.

Conclusion is a consultancy company and venture fund based in Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands. The company offers a comprehensive range of services to help companies succeed in the digital age, including full-spectrum digital marketing support, e-business strategy development, and talent recruitment.’s C.A.S.H.C.OW. | B.O.M.B.E.R formula is an innovative way to boost existing businesses and test the feasibility of startups. The company also provides support to qualified startups, including superior marketing advice, office space, and financial resources.





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