Startup Showcase: ABzero – Innovating Medical Delivery with Drones

ABzero is an Italian start-up that is revolutionizing medical delivery systems with its innovative technology. The company offers a system of transport of blood, blood products, and organs through automatic drones. This ensures delivery in an autonomous and immediate manner and in total safety for the human component, even in case of failure. The transported goods are stored safely in a smart capsule, which protects their quality according to the law. The system is based on an intuitive, proprietary, and effective software that is easy to use by the medical staff.

Introducing a unique and innovative technology

ABzero’s core technology is the intelligent capsule, which is unique in the medical delivery system market. The capsule is designed to achieve maximum strength and minimum weight while complying with the standards required by law such as, for example, maintaining maintenance temperature, hermetic closure, and agitation of the hemocomponents. All modules are interchangeable and guaranteed to last in safety. The hospital operator will just have to put the blood bags into the appropriate temperature-controlled compartment and enter the code of the recipient structure. ABzero will start automatically following the most convenient preset route.

Unique features of ABzero drones

ABzero drones have the innovative feature that is not present in any of the drones of competition. They are equipped with a special capsule that can contain delicate and deteriorating substances such as blood, blood and blood components, but also drugs susceptible to temperature variations during transport (eg vaccines). ABzero drones use commercial drones that put the healthcare facility at its disposal, along with proprietary software for use by healthcare professionals and the patented smart capsule for blood, organ, or hemocomponent transport. This ensures high safety standards and advanced flight performance. ABzero drones have a loading capacity of up to 10 kg and can reduce delivery times over short distances (up to 10 km) and up to 50% over medium distances (up to 40 km) up to 80%.

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A cost-effective solution to medical delivery

ABzero offers a fast and secure delivery service, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, which results in savings in direct and indirect costs. The system is based on intuitive, proprietary, and effective software, easy to use by the medical staff, which in turn uses advanced, commercial, and open-source flight control systems. The technology is especially useful in emergencies and critical situations when speed is of the essence. ABzero’s innovative medical delivery system is poised to revolutionize the medical industry, saving time and lives.


ABzero’s innovative medical delivery system is a game-changer in the healthcare industry. By using drones to transport medical supplies, the system saves valuable time, increases efficiency, and improves patient outcomes. The company’s unique technology, along with its intuitive software, ensures safe and timely delivery of medical supplies. With ABzero, hospitals and clinics can now rely on a cost-effective and reliable medical delivery system.





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