Startup Showcase: Absolute Design – Pioneering the Future of Transportation Design

Crafting Visionary Automotive Concepts for Tomorrow's Roads

In the heart of Croatia’s innovation landscape, a creative powerhouse is redefining the future of transportation. Meet Absolute Design, a dynamic startup that is turning concepts into reality in the world of transportation and product design. With a portfolio that boasts collaborations with industry giants like Lamborghini, Absolute Design is at the forefront of designing tomorrow’s vehicles. This startup showcase unravels the tale of innovation, vision, and mastery behind Absolute Design’s groundbreaking creations.

A Team of Visionaries: Merging Artistry and Engineering

Absolute Design comprises a team of passionate professionals who are more than just designers and engineers; they are visionaries with a deep passion for transportation design. Based in Sveti Ivan Zelina, Croatia, this team of multi-talented creatives brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. Their specializations span from high-end electric bikes and compact city cars to luxurious vehicles and sports cars. From the conceptual stage to production, Absolute Design’s mastery extends across the design and development spectrum.

Pioneering Collaborations: From Lamborghini to Electric Bicycles

Absolute Design’s portfolio reads like a journey through innovation. Their collaborations with renowned names like Lamborghini bear testimony to their commitment to pushing boundaries. Having designed the exterior and interior of a concept sportscar for Lamborghini, Absolute Design’s impact on the automotive world is undeniably significant. Beyond the realms of traditional automobiles, their footprint can be seen in high-end electric bicycles, futuristic urban mobility solutions, and even inspection robots for specialized applications.

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Beyond the Road: Versatility in Industrial/Product Design

While their roots lie in transportation and automotive design, Absolute Design’s expertise isn’t limited to the road. Their prowess extends to various fields of industrial and product design, showcasing their adaptability and creative versatility. From creating modular minibuses for academic institutions to crafting promotional interior consoles for tech giants like Nvidia Corporation, Absolute Design’s ability to ideate and innovate is truly boundless.

Shaping Tomorrow’s Roads Today

Absolute Design’s impact goes beyond crafting aesthetically pleasing vehicles; it’s about shaping the very future of transportation. By collaborating with industry leaders, academia, and tech innovators, Absolute Design is influencing the narrative of how we move and interact with our surroundings. Their ability to blend creativity, engineering acumen, and a futuristic mindset positions them as torchbearers of transportation evolution.


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