Startup Showcase: 99bros, Simplifying Insurance with AI and Blockchain

Democratizing insurance solutions using technology and expert-driven guidance

In today’s startup showcase, we spotlight 99bros, an Italian startup revolutionizing the insurance industry with artificial intelligence, blockchain, and a deep commitment to customer education.

Transforming Insurance through User Experience and AI

Born and raised in Roma, Lazio, Italy, 99bros is a digital insurance brokerage platform that integrates cutting-edge technologies to help customers select insurance solutions that align with their risk profiles. With the power of artificial intelligence, 99bros analyzes a customer’s information and suggests the most appropriate insurance coverage. Customers can purchase this coverage online in seconds, removing the traditional hurdles associated with insurance shopping.

Beyond AI, 99bros is committed to enriching the customer’s journey with thematic guides and multimedia content. These resources, created by 99bros experts, allow users to dive deeper into the insurance topics of their interest and make informed decisions.

Around-The-Clock Support and Diverse Insurance Products

Committed to customer satisfaction, 99bros provides 24/7 support to ensure their users can access help whenever they need it. This commitment extends beyond the buying journey to the user’s entire interaction with the platform.

99bros offers a broad range of insurance products that cater to various needs. From life to non-life products, they provide solutions dedicated to individuals, families, and startups. All these offerings come from top insurance companies, ensuring that customers receive reliable and trustworthy coverage.

Tackling the Pension Challenge

In an intriguing twist, 99bros has turned its tech-savvy approach to tackle the pension issue facing younger generations. With increasing precarity in the job market and the withdrawal of State support in some social sectors, traditional insurance networks often overlook pension products.

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However, 99bros leverages the power of digital channels and the trend of younger generations to independently research and buy online to offer an easy solution. Customers can subscribe to a pension fund quickly and easily through the platform, filling a critical gap in the market.

In conclusion, 99bros is making significant strides in democratizing insurance, enhancing customer education, and simplifying the insurance shopping process. By leveraging emerging technologies like AI and blockchain, the startup offers a futuristic model for the insurance industry.


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