Shaping the Future of Business: 15 Berlin-Based Consulting Startups

A Spotlight on the Rising Stars of the Berlin Consulting Startup Scene

From financial advisory to environmental consulting and digital marketing, Berlin’s consulting startups are making a significant impact across a diverse array of sectors. Let’s dive into the exciting world of 15 consulting startups transforming business operations and services in Germany’s bustling capital.

DFKP: Providing Financial Expertise

DFKP is a financial consulting firm offering services from corporate loans and leasing to brokerage, financing, and business advisory. By delivering comprehensive financial solutions, DFKP helps organizations navigate their financial journey.

Planetly: Championing Carbon Neutrality

Planetly is at the forefront of environmental consulting, offering innovative software to help businesses analyze, reduce, and offset their carbon footprint. Founded by Benedikt Franke, Planetly embodies the growing commitment to sustainable business practices.

METATRUST: Facilitating Real Estate Transactions

METATRUST provides transaction support for real estate sales and investment. Under the guidance of founder Kyrill K. Radev, this startup leverages its industry expertise to streamline real estate operations.

Scitaris: Streamlining Pharma R&D Strategies

Scitaris focuses on providing R&D strategy support for pharma and biotech companies. Through customized consulting services, Scitaris plays a critical role in the fast-paced world of pharmaceutical and biotech research.

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Berformance: Bridging the Blockchain and Bitcoin Sectors

Berformance, led by Christian Lux, offers consulting services and acts as an intermediary for hardware and software rentals in the blockchain and bitcoin sectors.

Domi: Revolutionizing Citizen and Business Interaction

Domi uses data technology and modern design thinking to change the way citizens and businesses interact, both online and offline. Founded by Katrie Lowe and Pavel Metelitsyn, Domi is redefining user engagement.

Entity X: Enhancing Digital Marketing Strategies

Entity X is a digital marketing agency that provides strategic consulting, corporate strategy, SEO, and advertising services, helping businesses boost their online presence and engagement.

The Morph Company: Driving Sustainable Innovation

The Morph Company offers consulting services and corporate training for organizations, focusing on sustainability, impactful innovation, and business development.

Philipps & Byrne: Delivering IT and Data Expertise

Philipps & Byrne provides data analysis, senior expertise, and IT services for startups and investors. Founded by Chris Philipps, the startup is a trusted partner for organizations navigating the complex IT landscape.

Unleashed Partners Group: Pioneering Creative Blockchain Solutions

Unleashed Partners Group is a creative company with a blockchain-as-a-service platform supporting the marketing & advertising world. Founded by Glen Cameron and Tom Eslinger, the startup is redefining how blockchain can empower creative marketing strategies.

talentefinder: Perfecting Event Management and Matchmaking

talentefinder offers a comprehensive event and matchmaking platform, providing effective solutions for event management and recruiting needs.

We connect arts: Enriching Branding and Marketing Strategies

We connect arts founded by Ana Paula Henriques da Silva, provides a range of services from branding, digital marketing, social media, and web design to video production and consulting, connecting art with business.

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AdConnector: Automating Advertising with AI

AdConnector is an advertising tool that leverages AI and learning algorithms to automate advertising, making it easier and more effective for businesses to reach their target audience.

Cloudification: Enabling Cloud Technology and Open Source Solutions

Cloudification provides cloud technology and open source consulting services, helping businesses make the most of these rapidly evolving technologies.

Cheftresor: Empowering Tax Consultants and Entrepreneurs

Cheftresor offers a digital workplace for tax consultants and entrepreneurs, streamlining processes and enhancing productivity in the financial sector.


These 15 Berlin-based startups are reshaping industries with their innovative consulting services. As they continue to break boundaries and challenge the status quo, the future of consulting in Berlin looks brighter than ever.

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