Seize Your Slice of $100,000: Dive into the Ultimate Business Challenge by the Sea

Submerging Dreams in Reality: The Premier Showdown of Global Scale-ups Vying for Dominance in the US Market.

Key Takeaways:

  • Opportunity for scale-ups to win a whopping $100,000 cash prize for their entry into the US market.
  • The last call for pitches is till Sun 27 August; six finalists will go toe-to-toe in front of a panel of esteemed US Sharks.
  • Alongside the grand cash prize, winners are also looking at valuable business resources, including a one-year ALPHA Innovation Membership.

About the Disrupt by the Sea 2023

The waves are about to crash, and it’s not just because of the tide! Come 15 September, the pristine shores of Donegal will resonate with the fervor of ambition, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit. ALPHA Innovation’s “Disrupt by the Sea” is not just another Shark Tank event; it is the beacon for scale-ups worldwide.

Scale-ups, Brace Yourselves

As the wind carries the scent of salt and opportunity, six global scale-ups will bear their business souls in front of a formidable panel of US Sharks. These scale-ups, carrying dreams bigger than the ocean, will be vying for a substantial cash investment prize, which promises not just monetary support but also a valuable foothold into the US market.

Beyond the Cash Prize: Additional Perks Await!

But it isn’t just about the money! Winning scale-ups also get the chance to bask in a plethora of growth opportunities:

  • A meeting space strategically located on the US East Coast for effective networking and operations.
  • ALPHA Innovation Membership for a year – a perfect launchpad for startups seeking advanced resources and mentorship.
  • Exclusive access to ALPHA’s top-tier suite of wrap-around supports.
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A Few More Days, A Lifetime of Opportunities

For those still contemplating whether to pitch their groundbreaking idea or not, the window of opportunity remains open just a smidge longer. The final call to pitch at this one-of-a-kind event has been graciously extended till Sun 27 August.

Word from the Mastermind: Kevin Sexton

The excitement is palpable, and Kevin Sexton, the Head of Innovation, shares the same enthusiasm. In a recent conversation, Kevin expressed his eagerness, “To have US Sharks fly in and evaluate the potential of our selected scale-ups is a tremendous opportunity. There are countless talented scale-ups nationwide, and this is their moment to shine!”

He further elaborates on the vision behind this mega event, “Shark Tank has been meticulously crafted to bridge a significant gap. We want to help scale-ups that have validated their market demand on this side of the Atlantic. The ultimate aim? To help them form influential C-level relationships and subsequently crack the US market.”

Donegal: Not Just a Venue, But an Experience!

But why Donegal? Well, aside from being a strategic business choice, it’s about promoting the locale too. Kevin exclaims, “Donegal is not just a county; it’s an experience! From local delicacies to mesmerizing coastal views and the innate warmth of its people – we’re showcasing it all!”

Be Part of the Audience

For those eager to witness this business extravaganza live, a limited number of €15 Early Bird tickets are available till Sunday 27th August. Hurry, as seats are running out faster than high tide!

Stay Tuned

The suspense isn’t over yet! ALPHA promises more announcements in the coming days, including the much-anticipated reveal of the venue and the panel of US Sharks.

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