Say Goodbye to Boring Websites: This Finnish Startup Just Raised €2M to Turn Your Site Into a Video Wonderland

Turbocharging the Future of Customer Engagement with Interactive Video Chatbots

Key Takeaways:

  • Finnish startup Videobot raises €2M in seed funding from an array of international investors to scale its video chatbot technology.
  • Videobot has already made waves in 15 countries and diverse industries, counting the gaming behemoth Supercell among its 200+ clientele.
  • The technology promises staggering results: a 98% increase in user engagement, 150% more time spent on-site, and a 36% rise in overall sales leads.

Introducing the New Frontier: Video Chatbots

With the digital world leaning heavily towards video consumption, a Finnish startup has seized the opportunity to redefine how businesses interact with their online audiences. Videobot recently secured €2 million in seed funding from the likes of Finland’s Superhero Capital, Luxembourg’s Expon Capital Digital Tech Fund, and several key angel investors. The investment aims to turbocharge Videobot’s growth, particularly in the European and American markets, where the startup has already secured a foothold with over 200 customers.

Changing the Game: Videobot’s Unique Solution

Founded in 2022, Videobot aims to augment traditional website experiences by leveraging the growing popularity of video content. The company offers a cutting-edge fusion of chatbot and video technologies that essentially creates an entirely new service category. With simple on-demand product demonstrations and explanations, businesses can achieve remarkable improvements in customer acquisition metrics. Videobot’s numbers speak volumes: clients have reported a 98% uptick in engagement, 150% more time spent on the website, and a 36% increase in overall sales lead volume.

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Who’s Onboard? A Diverse Customer Base

Videobot’s wide-reaching impact is evident in its diverse range of clientele, which spans 15 countries and multiple industries. The startup already counts Supercell, a gaming giant, among its high-profile customers. Other users of the platform range from large media companies to mobile service providers like Moi Mobiili. In fact, Moi Mobiili’s Sales and Marketing Director, Ulla Koivula, attributes a surge in sales to the implementation of Videobot’s technology on their website.

The Why and How: The Increasing Necessity for Video Engagement

According to Anssi Kiviranta, co-founder of Videobot, a staggering 80% of internet traffic today is video-based. Brands are on a constant lookout for more effective ways to engage their website visitors and simplify product explanation. Videobot’s platform fills that void by combining the accessibility of chatbots with the compelling nature of videos. This is particularly crucial as younger generations like Gen Z display an ever-decreasing attention span for ads and content, emphasizing the need for more engaging and interactive platforms.

Easy Peasy: Implementation and Adaptability

What makes Videobot truly irresistible for businesses is its user-friendly application. The technology can be effortlessly incorporated into any modern website through a simple widget or plugin. Not stopping at that, Videobot goes the extra mile by offering recommendations on video format and content guaranteed to drive user engagement and generate more sales leads. While lead generation is currently the most popular use case, the technology also effortlessly accommodates other parts of the customer journey. For instance, Supercell employs Videobot to ramp up its HR recruitment efforts, while other clients use it to streamline employee onboarding.

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Investor Confidence: Backing from Industry Titans

Videobot’s rapid success and funding from esteemed investors signify its immense potential and transformative capability. Juha Ruohonen, General Partner at Superhero Capital, lauded Videobot’s experienced founder team and impressive growth results, calling the startup a “true trailblazer” in the industry.

The Road Ahead: Ambitious Targets

Videobot has set its sights high. The startup aims to secure a thousand customers and achieve annual billing of three million euros by the end of 2024. With plans to grow their team to 50 employees, they envision a future where video-driven engagement becomes the standard across industries.

Final Thoughts: The Future is Video

The rise of Videobot adds another layer to the ever-changing landscape of online customer engagement. The startup has not only harnessed the burgeoning power of video but combined it with the utility of chatbots to offer a unique, personalized, and highly engaging experience. As internet connectivity becomes faster and more reliable, this Finnish sensation is poised to lead the march towards fully video-based websites.

Could this be the future of online customer engagement? With Videobot’s track record and the fresh injection of capital, the answer seems to be a resounding ‘yes’.

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