Revolutionizing the FinTech Landscape: 15 Innovative Startups Reshaping Spain’s Financial Future

Discover the game-changers driving Spain's FinTech revolution and transforming the way we manage money.

Spain’s FinTech sector is experiencing a wave of innovation, with startups at the forefront of reshaping the financial landscape. These forward-thinking companies are disrupting traditional banking, payments, investments, and more, offering novel solutions to meet the evolving needs of consumers and businesses. In this article, we highlight 15 exciting FinTech startups in Spain that are making waves with their groundbreaking technologies and services.

Lana: Empowering Gig Economy Workers in LATAM

Lana is a trailblazing technology platform that serves as a financial marketplace for Gig Economy workers in Latin America. By providing accessible financial services tailored to the needs of this growing workforce, Lana aims to enhance financial inclusion and stability in the region.

Devengo: Simplifying B2B Payments with Next-Generation APIs

Devengo is an innovative B2B API that enables fast and programmable payouts using cutting-edge payment protocols. By streamlining payment processes for businesses, Devengo empowers companies to orchestrate seamless and efficient transactions, fostering greater financial agility and productivity.

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Uelz: Streamlining Payment Collection for Businesses

Uelz automates and optimizes payment collection by integrating its solution with multiple payment gateways. Through their platform, businesses can effortlessly manage their payment processes, improving efficiency and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Lucas: Pioneering Affordable Homeownership for Millennials

Lucas introduces a new and accessible way for millennials to achieve homeownership through a Rent to Buy model. By leveraging innovative financial services and property management strategies, Lucas is revolutionizing real estate investment and making homeownership more attainable for the younger generation.

Advancing: Empowering Landlords with Financial Security

Advancing offers a fintech solution that allows landlords to receive 12 months of their rents in advance while protecting them against default payments. This innovative service provides landlords with greater financial security and peace of mind, ensuring a steady income stream from their rental properties.

Paymefy: AI-Powered Debt Collection Solutions

Paymefy provides an AI debt collection solution that helps businesses recover money faster and at a lower cost. By leveraging artificial intelligence and advanced software, Paymefy optimizes debt collection processes, resulting in improved recovery rates and reduced operational expenses.

Mitto: Empowering Generation Z Teens with Financial Tools

Mitto is a debit card and app designed specifically for “Generation Z” teenagers. With Mitto, young individuals gain access to financial services, allowing them to manage their money responsibly, develop healthy financial habits, and navigate the digital economy with confidence.

Alice Biometrics: Streamlining Online Identity Verification

Alice Biometrics offers an online identity verification solution for digital onboarding and KYC/AML compliance. By utilizing biometric technology and advanced software, Alice Biometrics enables secure and seamless identity verification processes, enhancing trust and mitigating fraud risks in the digital realm.

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Talvi: Automated Financial Advisory Services at Your Fingertips

Talvi is an automated financial advisor that provides comprehensive financial planning, investment management, and financial education through a convenient mobile app. By combining sophisticated algorithms and expert insights, Talvi empowers individuals and businesses to make informed financial decisions and achieve their financial goals.

Soluciona Mi Deuda: Specialized Solutions for Over-Indebtedness

Soluciona Mi Deuda specializes in providing fintech solutions for individuals facing over-indebtedness. With their innovative services and legal expertise, Soluciona Mi Deuda helps individuals regain control of their finances and develop sustainable debt repayment plans.

People & Planet Partners: Impact Capital Partners

People & Planet Partners is an impact capital fund that provides financing and support to high-potential tech companies. By combining financial investments with a focus on social and environmental impact, People & Planet Partners drives positive change and fosters sustainable growth within the FinTech industry.

Octans: All-in-One Banking API for Seamless Financial Services

Octans offers an all-in-one banking API that enables businesses to provide a wide range of financial services, including payments, lending, investment, and insurance. By integrating Octans’ licensed bank services, companies can offer their customers a seamless and comprehensive financial experience.

The Retail Bankers: Revolutionizing Financial Services Platform

The Retail Bankers is a comprehensive financial services platform that offers innovative solutions to individuals and businesses. With a focus on banking, consulting, and retail services, The Retail Bankers leverages technology to simplify financial transactions and enhance the overall customer experience.

Vigia Capital: Investing in Spanish Companies for Growth

Vigia Capital is an investment firm dedicated to acquiring, operating, and growing companies in Spain. Founded by a team of entrepreneurs, Vigia Capital focuses on ventures in the Bitcoin, crowdfunding, and FinTech sectors, providing capital and strategic guidance to fuel their growth and success.

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TaxDown: Simplifying Income Tax Return Filing

TaxDown is a Spanish startup that eases the income tax return filing process for taxpayers. By leveraging innovative FinTech solutions and user-friendly software, TaxDown simplifies complex tax procedures, ensuring accuracy and maximizing tax benefits for individuals and businesses.


The FinTech revolution in Spain is thriving, with startups at the forefront of driving innovation and reshaping the financial landscape. These 15 innovative companies showcased in this article are revolutionizing various aspects of financial services, from empowering gig economy workers and streamlining payments to facilitating homeownership and offering automated financial advisory services. With their visionary approaches, cutting-edge technologies, and customer-centric solutions, these FinTech startups are paving the way for a more inclusive, efficient, and accessible financial future in Spain and beyond.

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