Revolutionizing Mobility Data Exchange: Are Smart Cities Ready for B2B Platforms?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Mobito has developed a B2B platform for efficient and controlled data exchange among enterprises, primarily in the transportation industry.
  • The platform enables data owners to take control of how they share and sell their data to third parties.
  • Mobito is focusing on automotive OEMs, insurers, and mobility operators, enabling more dynamic and data-driven processes and services.
  • In the era of smart cities, startups like Mobito are crucial for facilitating effective data flow to drive smarter decision making.


The city of tomorrow will be shaped by the data of today. Amidst the throbbing pulse of urban development, as cities become smarter, more interconnected, and data-driven, the question arises – are they ready for B2B platforms that revolutionize the way mobility data is exchanged? Brussels based startup, Mobito, is stepping up to this challenge.

Mobito was founded in 2019, and since then, it has aimed to serve as a crucial linkage in the broader ecosystem, enabling a secure, efficient, and controlled data exchange between enterprises. Targeting primarily the transportation industry; automotive OEMs, insurers, and mobility operators, Mobito aims to dynamically stimulate data-driven processes and services.

What Sets Mobito Apart:

Where Mobito separates itself from other startups is the created platform that allows direct control to data owners over how they share and monetise their data to third parties. This level of transparency and user control is unprecedented and could serve as a new benchmark for data governance. Moreover, the platform is equipped with unique features such as policy masking and data product conversion, revealing an innovative approach to data exchange management.

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Yet another differential factor is the Mobito Data Marketplace. Data products are listed in this marketplace, fostering an environment where users can interact with each other. This design creates a community of data exchange that pushes beyond the boundaries of traditional B2B platforms.


The future for Mobito looks promising given the ever-increasing reliance on data in our urban environments. As smart cities proliferate, the need for secure, efficient, and transparent data exchange will parallel in growth. Startups like Mobito will play a vital role in shaping data policy and exchange dynamics in the decade to come.

For more about their exciting journey and offerings, you can visit Mobito’s website at and connect with them on LinkedIn at

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