Revolutionizing Event Management SaaS: Who’s Leading in Social Intranet Solutions?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Brussels-based startup, idloom is revolutionizing the SaaS industry with its unique event management and social intranet solutions.
  • The company comprises two main software products: idloom-events™ and idloom-wall™, each designed with cutting-edge features to optimize digital communication.
  • In a fiercely competitive field, idloom sets itself apart through a combination of technological, marketing and management expertise, as well as a commitment to customized support and consulting.
  • The future trends indicate a growing demand for efficient and interactive platforms in the event management industry.

When talking about revolutionizing event management and social intranet solutions in the SaaS industry, there’s a name that stands out, that’s idloom. Based in Brussels, Belgium, this startup is breaking new ground in corporate digital communication. Founded by Maxence Cüpper and Sébastien Braun, idloom is built on the premise of achieving maximum value creation for their clients, leveraging on state-of-the-art software solutions tailored to customer needs, along with personalized support and consulting.

Currently, idloom’s software offerings consist of two products that are creating a stir in corporate digital communications. The first one, idloom-events™, is a cutting-edge event management platform. The second, idloom-wall™, is a fully customizable social intra/extra-net. Designed to optimize the way clients connect, share, and work together in the digital landscape, these products are positioning idloom at the forefront of the industry.

With myriad solutions vying for dominance in the market, the uniqueness of idloom lies in the amalgamation of technological, marketing, and management expertise. The startup is keen on tackling complex problems using a systematic approach. By fusing creativity with structure and originality, it has earned a reputation as a standout solution provider. This innovative perspective allows the company to solve challenges and adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape unmatched by other platforms

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Another differentiator for idloom is the personalized touch. Alongside their software solutions, the founders offer customized support and consultations under the banner of idloom-consulting™. This focus on personalized services ensures that each customer ends up with a custom-fit digital communication solution that meets their specific needs, outclassing generic solutions that don’t measure up to specific requirements.

As for the future, it promises even more innovations in the event management and social intranet solutions. With the increasing digital transformation and the demand for more effective and interactive platforms, idloom is certainly up for the challenge. With its up-to-date knowledge of technological trends and a resolve to stay ahead, idloom is in an excellent position to continue leading and shaping the industry.

For those keen to learn more about idloom’s offerings and future plans, you can visit their website at or follow them on social media via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. It’s definitely a startup to watch in the realm of event management SaaS.

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