Redefining Healthcare: Who are Copenhagen’s Most Influential Medical Startups?

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Copenhagen is currently fast growing its healthcare infrastructure with innovative solutions offered by numerous startups. These emerging businesses are leveraging technology to fight diseases, improve healthcare delivery and make inroads into exciting treatment options. Here, we take you through a ride across 15 compelling startups in Copenhagen, primarily operating in the medical and healthcare sector.

These startups span a wide array of medical subdomains, including biotechnology, diagnostics, therapeutics, and many more. They are using innovative technologies like VR, stem cell therapy, and AI to forge their path in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape.

So, let’s dive in and explore these promising and exciting medical startups from Copenhagen, Hovedstaden, Denmark.

Enduro Genetics

Enduro Genetics is a biotechnology firm dedicated to inspiring large-scale fermentations. The startup works at the cutting edge of the medical device sector and is known for its innovative contributions. Founded by a team of passionate professionals, their mission is to provide transformative solutions.

Ciana Therapeutics

Specializing in Diabetes, Healthcare, Medical and Therapeutics, Ciana Therapeutics is a clinical development-stage company that is presently focusing on developing innovative therapeutic solutions for diabetic retinopathy.

GLX Analytix

Falling into the Biotechnology, Healthcare, and Medical industry, GLX Analytix is a firm that seamlessly combines a new, proprietary class of blood biomarker with Artificial Intelligence to offer personalized medical solutions. Brian Della Valle, one of the founders, sets the vision for the company.

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Syncsense is a unique startup that has developed a VR-based exergaming platform. This platform supports the treatment and prevention of age-related diseases thereby revolutionizing the Healthcare, Medical Device, Sensor, and Virtual Reality industries.

BOOST Pharma

In the Biopharma, Biotechnology, Medical, and Therapeutics sector, BOOST Pharma is developing a stem cell therapy that offers a novel treatment for osteogenesis imperfecta, bringing unprecedented hope for patients suffering from this rare genetic disorder.


As a professional network for doctors, Lægeforeningen steps in to influence decision-making procedures by aligning doctors’ interests. This networking platform also serves as a non-profit organization involving itself in product research and training.

Blue Cell Therapeutics

Blue Cell Therapeutics is a biotech firm developing innovative stem cell therapies to cure chronic diseases. Its vision is to enable doctors and patients to conquer treatable diseases using its novel therapy.


Fermexa is a pharmaceutical organization working to develop state-of-the-art technologies for the synthetic optimization of polyphenols. They operate under the Biopharma, Biotechnology, Medical, and Pharmaceutical industries.


Metabolyzer is a biotechnology company that develops devices for gut microbiome analysis. Their innovative biotechnological approach is revolutionizing the way we understand and treat issues related to gut health.


Embios is at the helm of developing drug-enhanced bio substitutes to treat bone defects and fractures. Their innovative healthcare solutions fall under the Medical Device industry.


Following the footsteps of cutting-edge biotechnological research, Accelerbiotics creates sustainable solutions for the biotechnology and life science field. Simo Abdessamad Baallal Jacobsen, one of the founders, leads the company’s vision.

Muna Therapeutics

Distinguished in the Biopharma, Biotechnology, Medical, and Pharmaceutical industry, Muna Therapeutics dedicates its research to discover and develop treatments that can slow or even halt neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. The startup was founded by Bart De Strooper and Simon Glerup.

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Levitate, a company founded by Lasse Werner Madsen, creates prosthetics for amputees. This Medical Device startup is significantly impacting the lives of individuals dealing with limb loss.

Ampa Medical

Providing healthcare services for people living with an ostomy, Ampa Medical falls under the Health Care, Medical, Medical Device, and Therapeutics sector. Its innovative approach is redefining the way ostomy care is provided.

XY Therapeutics

XY Therapeutics is a leading biotechnology research company developing a novel treatment for male infertility. Martin Blomberg Jensen, one of the influential founders, spearheads the company’s mission.

In conclusion, these startups are playing a crucial role in medical advancements not only in Copenhagen but worldwide. Their innovative solutions and pioneering services are redefining the medical industry and changing lives for the better.

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