Pioneering Sustainability: Exploring Italy’s Innovative Startups

Discover the trailblazing startups in Italy that are leading the way in sustainability and environmental innovation.

Italy is not only renowned for its rich cultural heritage but also for its commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. In recent years, a wave of innovative startups has emerged, dedicated to finding creative solutions to pressing environmental challenges. From sustainable agriculture to renewable energy and waste management, these 15 sustainability startups in Italy are at the forefront of driving positive change. In this article, we delve into these inspiring startups and their contributions to building a more sustainable future.

ONO Exponential Farming

ONO Exponential Farming utilizes advanced AgTech and vertical farming techniques to revolutionize agriculture and promote sustainable food production. By employing innovative technologies and sustainable farming practices, ONO Exponential Farming aims to reduce the environmental impact of traditional agriculture while ensuring a reliable and efficient food supply.


Alvus specializes in biomethane project development, providing sustainable and renewable energy solutions through advanced technology and consulting services. With a focus on harnessing the power of organic waste, Alvus aims to support the transition to a circular economy by converting biomethane into valuable energy sources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and promoting sustainable energy generation.

Bruno Cell

Bruno Cell is a research organization that funds and manages research projects to make cultured meat an economically sustainable resource. By supporting scientific advancements in cellular agriculture, Bruno Cell is driving innovation in the food and beverage industry, with the goal of providing sustainable and ethical alternatives to conventional meat production.

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Qwarzo is a technology company that manufactures and distributes recyclable and biodegradable disposable paper products. By offering sustainable alternatives to single-use plastics, Qwarzo is making significant strides in reducing plastic waste and promoting a circular economy. Their products are designed to be environmentally friendly while maintaining practicality and convenience for consumers.


Mobee is an integrated platform for urban mobility management. By leveraging electric vehicles, the Internet of Things, and logistics, Mobee provides sustainable transportation solutions for urban areas. Their platform enables efficient and eco-friendly mobility options, contributing to reduced carbon emissions and improved urban sustainability.

Cikis Studio

Cikis Studio is a business consulting firm that specializes in fashion sustainability. They provide courses, certifications, and training services to promote sustainable practices in the fashion industry. By educating and supporting fashion brands and professionals, Cikis Studio aims to drive positive change and foster a more sustainable and ethical fashion ecosystem.


Hydorghen produces and develops ecological hydrogen generation plants. With a focus on sustainable energy solutions, Hydorghen is dedicated to advancing the use of hydrogen as a clean and renewable energy source. Their plants harness renewable resources to produce hydrogen, contributing to the decarbonization of various industries and the transition to a sustainable energy future.


TT89 specializes in the production of HDPE packaging, drums, and IBC tanks. With a strong commitment to sustainability, TT89 prioritizes the use of recycled and recyclable materials in their manufacturing processes. By providing high-quality and sustainable packaging solutions, TT89 promotes responsible consumption and waste reduction.

MammaBo project

MammaBo project is a marketing company that strives for social and environmental innovation through family-friendly products and services. Their focus on sustainability drives their efforts to create products and services that have a positive impact on society and the environment.

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SIDE ASSET MANAGEMENT provides investment and operating asset management services with a focus on sustainability. Their comprehensive approach combines financial expertise with environmental and social considerations, ensuring that investments align with sustainable principles and contribute to positive change.


Gremove is a sustainable technological development company. With a commitment to reducing electronic waste, Gremove focuses on creating innovative solutions for responsible electronics recycling. By promoting circular economy practices, Gremove aims to minimize the environmental impact of electronic devices and create a more sustainable future.


Micro-Biotech produces and distributes natural and organic fertilizers. By leveraging biotechnology, Micro-Biotech offers sustainable solutions for agricultural practices. Their products promote soil health, reduce chemical inputs, and enhance crop yields while minimizing environmental harm.

Dom Terry Agrisolutions

Dom Terry Agrisolutions specializes in the research, development, and marketing of nutrition solutions for agriculture. By providing sustainable and effective nutritional products, they support farmers in maximizing crop productivity while minimizing the use of harmful chemicals. Their innovative solutions contribute to sustainable farming practices and environmental stewardship.


LIFEdata offers an Omni-Channel As A Service platform that helps businesses accelerate revenue through omnichannel personalization. By leveraging advanced analytics and predictive technologies, LIFEdata enables businesses to optimize their operations, reduce waste, and enhance sustainability in the e-commerce and retail sectors.


AI-SP is a company that employs graphic processing and programming approaches, such as BIM software (Building Information Modeling), to promote sustainable architecture and industrial design practices. By integrating sustainability considerations into design processes, AI-SP helps create environmentally responsible and energy-efficient buildings and infrastructure.

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These startups represent the innovative spirit and dedication to sustainability that is driving positive change in Italy. Through their pioneering efforts, they are reshaping industries, reducing environmental impact, and paving the way for a more sustainable future.

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