Numarics Raises a Massive €10.2M Seed Round Led by UBS: Reinventing Fintech in Europe

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Key Takeaways:

  • Numarics, a fintech startup based in Schlieren, Zurich, raises €10.2M in a seed funding round.
  • The startup is revolutionizing the financial industry with its Business Process Solution, SaaS, and app-based accounting services.
  • UBS led the investment round with other key investors like FiveT Fintech, Seed X Liechtenstein, and Wingman Ventures.

Numarics, a rapidly emerging fintech startup, has made headlines by securing a whopping €10.2 million seed round investment, led by banking giant UBS. This Switzerland-based startup is raising the bar in the fintech sector, primarily focused on offering cutting-edge business process solutions, Software as a Service (SaaS), accounting services, and app-based platforms.

This new infusion of funds marks Numarics’ fifth round of fundraising, bringing the total funding amount to $14,315,460, a strong testament to its promising potential and innovative approach within the finance and tech industry. Additional investors contributing to the recent seed round include FiveT Fintech (formerly Avaloq Ventures), Seed X Liechtenstein, and Wingman Ventures.

According to Numarics’ profile on Crunchbase, the startup is situated in Schlieren, Zurich, a hub known for vibrant technological innovations and startups. It has been actively engaged in developing digital solutions that streamline complex financial operations, with a distinct focus on accounting services.

Numarics provides a unique combination of web and mobile applications in the realm of fintech, filling a significant gap in the market for digitally oriented financial solutions. Its value proposition lies in the blend of business process solutions, SaaS, and innovative accounting services it offers to businesses of all sizes. The products have already gained significant traction for their ease of use, accessibility, and effectiveness in streamlining financial processes.

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This latest investment reflects the increasing interest in fintech startups, especially those providing unique solutions that address traditional industry pain points. The influx of this new capital will empower Numarics to scale its operations and further refine its offerings.

The lead investor, UBS, is a Swiss multinational investment bank and financial services company, regarded as the world’s largest manager of private wealth assets. This latest move shows UBS’s continued support for innovative fintech startups disrupting the financial industry landscape.

Investors and market observers eagerly await the next strides Numarics will take with this significant funding boost. In the fast-paced world of fintech, it is becoming increasingly clear that innovative startups like Numarics are the catalysts for driving change and paving the path for the future of finance.

For more details about the company, visit the Numarics website.

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