Navigating the North: 15 Promising Financial Services Startups from Stockholm, Sweden

A closer look at the bustling FinTech landscape in Stockholm, showcasing 15 startups that are redefining the financial services sector with innovative solutions.

Vinter: Regulated Crypto Index Provider

Vinter is a regulated index provider specializing in crypto assets, signaling a promising fusion of traditional financial systems and digital currency.

Float: Funding Alternatives for Recurring Revenue Businesses

Float presents transparent funding alternatives for recurring revenue businesses, providing the financial backbone for promising enterprises.

Mynt: Credit-Based Spend Management Solution

Mynt stands as a financial partner for high growth SMBs, offering a credit-based spend management solution with accounting automation.

Earthbanc: Carbon Finance Platform with AI-Powered Audits

Earthbanc integrates finance with environmental responsibility, providing AI-powered audits for tree planting and carbon credit projects.

Brite: Instant Payments and Payouts

Brite enables consumers to make instant payments and payouts using only their bank account, heralding a seamless financial experience.

evoli: Regulated Insurance Services

evoli is a regulated insurance company licensed by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, offering a fresh take on insurance services.

P27 Nordic Payments: Real-Time, Cross-Border Payments

P27 Nordic Payments offers a digital platform for real-time, cross-border payments, revolutionizing business and consumer transactions.

Oak Universe: Funding the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Oak Universe provides funding and expertise for companies to leverage the power of the fourth industrial revolution.

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Vermiculus Financial Technology: Cloud-Based Micro Services

Vermiculus Financial Technology delivers cloud-based microservices, including business-critical and customized solutions for diverse industry needs.

Invidem: KYC-Compliant Services

Invidem offers KYC-compliant services to prevent financial crime and promote ethical business relations in the financial markets.

Pepicon: Streamlining Investment Processes

Pepicon is a digital tool that optimizes the investment process, making it easier for companies and investors to forge profitable relationships.

Cirio: Legal Services for the Financial Sector

Cirio is a law firm that provides legal services in areas of mergers, acquisitions, dispute resolution, and venture capital.

Avtalat: Pension and Insurance Knowledge

Avtalat offers services to enhance understanding about pension and insurance solutions offered to individuals, bridging the gap between complex financial products and consumers.

Workamo: Enabling Payments to Freelancers

Workamo streamlines payments to freelancers for companies by handling taxes, social security contributions, insurance, and benefits.

Maiyak: Simplifying Fundraising for SMEs

Maiyak is a digital collaboration space that simplifies fundraising for SMEs, easing the financial burden on startups and entrepreneurs.

These 15 startups reflect the vibrant financial services landscape in Stockholm, Sweden. Each one, with its unique approach and innovative solution, is making a significant impact on the industry and shaping the future of financial services.

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