Navigating Innovation: Unveiling Amsterdam’s Consulting Pioneers

Consulting Excellence in Amsterdam: A Guide to 15 Dynamic Startups

Amsterdam, the vibrant capital of the Netherlands, is not only known for its picturesque canals and historic charm but also for its thriving startup ecosystem. In the heart of this bustling city, 15 remarkable consulting startups are reshaping industries and providing innovative solutions.

Kambr: Elevating Airline Performance

Kambr is soaring high by raising airline revenue performance through software, consultancy, and content. Founded by Chris Anthony, Jason Kelly, and Martin Kaduc, this startup is at the forefront of aerospace, B2B, and travel consultancy.

blackbear: A Marketplace for Solutions

blackbear introduces a digital marketplace where companies post challenges and solvers deliver solutions within just 14 days. Joep Wittebrood and Stefan Hoogenboom are steering this startup, revolutionizing the landscape of consulting and training.

DataChef: Crafting Data Solutions

DataChef crafts Data Mesh, Data Lake, and Predictive Analytics solutions on AWS, demystifying data and simplifying information. This startup’s innovative approach to analytics, big data, and consulting is transforming information technology.

Rebels: Smoothing Production Processes

Rebels steps in to optimize companies and streamline production processes by harnessing cutting-edge tools and technology. Through their expertise in consulting, gaming, and graphic design, they’re revolutionizing how industries operate.

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LITIC: Cloud-Based Analytical Software

LITIC, an IT company, develops cloud-based analytical software for organizations. With a focus on analytics and software solutions, this startup is at the forefront of innovation in consultancy.

Climate Risk Services: Navigating Financial Climate Risks

Climate Risk Services provides consultancy on managing financial climate risks and opportunities. Gerhard Mulder and Stephanie Gnissios lead this startup, offering strategies that bridge the gap between climate change and business.

Nedscaper: Managed Cloud Security

Nedscaper specializes in managed cloud security and consulting services. Founder Thomas Verwer is at the helm of this startup, ensuring businesses navigate the digital landscape securely.

Socialytix: Mastering Digital Branding

Socialytix, a marketing agency, offers branding, advertising, social media marketing, and consulting services. Marvin Brian leads this startup, shaping the digital identities of brands in the modern age.

Ross Republic: Revolutionizing Financial Services

Ross Republic, a strategy and innovation consultancy, specializes in the financial services sector. With a focus on brand marketing and business development, this startup is reshaping how financial institutions approach innovation.

Think Security: Cybersecurity Expertise

Think Security, an IT and cybersecurity company, provides technical consulting services. In a digital age fraught with threats, this startup is safeguarding businesses through its innovative approach.

Scoutely: Empowering Startup Collaborations

Scoutely empowers startups by offering information and advisory services for better decision-making and risk aversion. Founder Peter van den Hoek is leading the way in consultancy and risk management.

Numbered: Creative Agency with Impact

Numbered, a creative agency, specializes in consulting, e-commerce, brand strategy, website design, and brand content services. Founder Martin Silvestre is redefining how businesses tell their stories in the digital realm.

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We Are Stewards: Maximizing Impact

We Are Stewards supports entrepreneurs and investors in maximizing impact using steward-ownership. Gijsbert Koren is leading this startup, championing responsible business practices and consulting expertise.

Miyagami: Bridging Technology and Strategy

Miyagami, a technology company, offers design, strategy, digital product development, and consulting services. Through their innovative approach, they’re bridging the gap between technology and business strategy.

The Green Branch: Environmental Stewards

The Green Branch, an environmental organization, offers reforestation, restoration, conservation, and project development services. This startup’s commitment to environmental consulting and project management is driving positive change.

Embracing Consultancy in Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s consulting landscape is a tapestry of innovation and expertise, woven together by these 15 startups. With a focus on diverse industries and transformative solutions, these pioneers are shaping the city’s consulting scene and leaving a lasting impact on industries far and wide.

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