Meet the Trailblazing Woman Who’s About to Revolutionize Banking!

Ashman Bank’s latest executive hire points toward a bright future for the fintech world.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ashman Bank hires Ella Keyes, a veteran with 20 years of HR experience, as their new Chief People Officer.
  • Keyes’ expertise lies in talent acquisition and creating supportive environments, making her an integral part of Ashman Bank’s growth plan.
  • Ashman Bank gears up to add approximately 100 new roles in the next two years under Keyes’ guidance.

A New Phase of Excellence for Ashman Bank

Ashman Bank, touted as the next big thing in the fintech sector, recently announced the appointment of Ella Keyes as its Chief People Officer (CPO). With this move, Ashman is effectively signaling its entrance into a new phase of ambitious growth. What sets Ella Keyes apart is her phenomenal career spanning 20 years in Human Resources (HR), notably in financial and retail sectors.

The new CPO has had an illustrious career, having previously served as the Deputy Chief People Officer at The Nottingham, a prominent building society. She has also held key positions at Totemic, National Sales Academy, Baines & Ernst, and Phones4u. She brings her seasoned expertise in talent acquisition and human capital management to Ashman Bank, and her role will be pivotal as the bank prepares for its launch, focused initially on lending to SMEs in the commercial real estate sector.

The Task Ahead: Building an All-Star Team

Ella Keyes joins Ashman Bank with the task of enhancing an already competent team. Working hand-in-hand with CEO James Leach, her immediate focus will be on strategic talent acquisition. Ashman plans to add around 100 new roles over the next two years. “We are set to ensure people come first at Ashman,” James Leach stated, underlining the importance of the new hire.

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Given Keyes’ recognized knack for attracting top talent and creating work environments that foster innovation and inclusivity, this goal seems well within reach.

Fostering Internal Engagement Programs

Keyes’ role is not limited to external hiring; she is also responsible for the internal engagement programs at Ashman. The aim is to build a thriving company culture that sustains the talented workforce they attract. Her belief in the power of the right communication tools to create a great place to work will be an asset in these endeavors.

“Joining a business at this stage in its journey is something I’m energized by,” Keyes shared. She emphasized her passion for ensuring cultural fit, broadening diversity within teams, advocating for social mobility, and focusing on talent development.

Impact on the Fintech Ecosystem

Ashman Bank is a newcomer with a lofty ambition: to transform what property entrepreneurs and conscientious savers can expect from a bank. Its focus on lending to SMEs in the commercial real estate sector has already gained industry attention. Now, with a strong HR strategy spearheaded by Ella Keyes, Ashman is likely to also set new benchmarks for employee satisfaction and talent management in the fintech sector.

The hiring of Ella Keyes is not merely a personnel change but a strategic move that could influence the future direction of Ashman Bank and, by extension, the fintech landscape at large.

An Era of Better Banking

Ashman Bank’s core philosophy is about making better happen. Born out of direct experience in lending markets, the bank aims to provide competitive rates for savers while simplifying the lending process for SMEs in the real estate sector. As it moves closer to its official launch, the bank’s key focus remains on creating a bank reimagined from the ground up.

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The appointment of Ella Keyes is the latest in a series of steps that Ashman Bank is taking to reshape the very concept of what a bank can be. Under the guidance of some of the UK’s most seasoned banking experts and now buoyed by a CPO with a proven track record, Ashman is poised to launch into a future full of promise.

So as Ashman gears up for a grand entrance into the fintech world, it’s clear that it is not just looking to be another bank. With a leadership team that’s ever-focused on both people and technology, Ashman aims to redefine banking itself. Keep an eye on this dynamic team as they make strides toward building a better banking experience.

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