Lights, Camera, Action! Exploring Exciting Video Startups in Italy


Italy is known for its rich cultural heritage and artistic endeavors. In the digital age, video has become a powerful medium for storytelling, entertainment, and communication. In this article, we will showcase 15 exciting video startups that are making waves in Italy. From gaming and film production to virtual reality and communication platforms, these startups are at the forefront of video innovation. Join us as we dive into the world of Italian video entrepreneurship and explore the creative and technological advancements shaping the industry.

1. Mad Pumpkins: Crafting Captivating Narrative Games

Mad Pumpkins specializes in the production of management and narrative games, offering immersive and engaging experiences for gamers. Website

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2. NEXT tech: Securing Spaces with Cutting-Edge Video Surveillance

NEXT tech provides comprehensive security solutions, including video surveillance and anti-intrusion systems, to ensure safety and protection. Website

3. Liquix.Studio: Elevating Post-Production for Cinema and TV Series

Liquix.Studio offers top-notch post-production services, catering to the needs of the film and TV industry with their expertise in audio and video editing. Website

4. Tokio Studio: Creating Stunning Visual Experiences

Tokio Studio is a multidisciplinary creative agency that offers a wide range of services, including video production, photography, web design, and live streaming. Website

5. Luno Studios: Blending Real and Virtual Worlds through Virtual Production

Luno Studios specializes in virtual production services, seamlessly integrating real and virtual elements for motion pictures and episodic content. Website

6. Sounder: Uniting Music and Social Networking

Sounder is a vibrant social network that connects music enthusiasts and provides updates on concerts and music-related events. Website

7. Near2Real: Bringing Virtual Reality Gaming to the Retail Market

Near2Real is pioneering virtual reality technologies in the gaming industry, creating immersive experiences for customers in the retail market. Website

8. Sporters: Empowering Athletes with Video Lessons

Sporters offers video lessons where athletes share their expertise, secrets, and challenges, providing valuable insights and training opportunities. Website

9. Nonny: Enabling Video Communication for Seniors

Nonny is a video communication tablet designed specifically for seniors and elderly individuals, promoting connectivity and social interaction. Website

10. Wisdom Studio: Merging Art, Cinema, and Culture in Video Games

Wisdom Studio develops video games that go beyond entertainment, integrating art, cinema, and culture to create immersive gaming experiences. Website

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11. NonStudio: Gamifying Education with Educational Video Games

NonStudio focuses on the development of educational video games, leveraging interactive experiences to enhance learning in various fields. Website

12. GLP4: Innovating News and Telecommunications with Video

GLP4 is a groundbreaking platform that revolutionizes news and telecommunications, offering video-based services to enhance communication and information sharing. Website

13. RS Productions: Entertainment and Media Redefined

RS Productions is a dynamic media and entertainment company that creates compelling content across various platforms, captivating audiences worldwide. Website

14. Trendiest Media: Fueling Communication with Journalism and Video

Trendiest Media is a renowned press agency that delivers high-quality journalism and communication services to companies and professionals. Website

15. RaceWard Studio: Accelerating Racing Games with Thrilling Experiences

RaceWard Studio provides exhilarating racing games, delivering adrenaline-pumping experiences for gamers who crave speed and competition. Website


Italian video startups are pushing the boundaries of creativity, technology, and entertainment. From immersive gaming experiences to innovative post-production services and virtual reality advancements, these startups are redefining the possibilities of video. With their entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to quality, they contribute to the vibrant video landscape in Italy and beyond. Keep an eye on these startups as they continue to shape the industry and inspire the next generation of video enthusiasts.

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