Is This the Future of Socially Shareable TV and Streaming Content?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Based in Vienna, Snapscreen is set to revolutionize the way we interact with TV+Streaming platforms.
  • The startup’s groundbreaking technology enables users to make any TV content socially shareable.
  • It provides a platform for rights holders to control and monetise content shared on social media.

Have you ever tried to share a key moment from a TV show or music event online, only to struggle with dodgy screenshots and poor audio? This experience is all too common, but Vienna-based startup Snapscreen is hoping to change that. This forward-thinking company aims to make TV+Streaming content not only shareable but socially engaging, stirring our conversations towards a truly social TV experience.

Sharing content online is a significant aspect of our culture today, from swapping memes to tweeting about key television moments. Despite this, traditional TV has struggled to keep pace with our rapidly evolving digital behaviour. Enter Snapscreen. By leveraging sophisticated image recognition software, Snapscreen plans to address this gap, making TV+Streaming socially shareable with high definition and perfect audio quality.

What truly sets Snapscreen apart is its seamless integration and ease of use. Users open the browser or application on their phone, snap the TV screen from a distance, and are immediately taken to that exact moment in the broadcast. They can then select and share up to 30 seconds of the content, enhancing it with graphics or pre/post-roll if desired. This is a game-changing approach that sets Snapscreen in a league of its own when compared to other screen-sharing or content apps on the market.

Additionally, Snapscreen’s technology also benefits media rights holders. By facilitating controlled sharing of content, it allows these entities to effectively monetise social sharing whilst keeping track of their content. This has potential to disrupt the current dynamic between traditional TV broadcasters and digital platforms, and could even help to usher in a new era of television sharing that benefits all stakeholders.

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Looking ahead, the future seems nothing short of promising for Snapscreen. Offering a solution to a daily digital challenge faced by millions worldwide, it represents a significant leap forward in the ever-evolving digital content landscape. The startup aims to reinvent the way we consume, exchange and engage with television content, bringing it to the forefront of the social stratosphere.

Having already launched their B2C mobile web app in the US, Snapscreen is gearing up to take their innovation to the next level as they delve into their B2B offerings. For more updates, follow Snapscreen’s Twitter and check out their LinkedIn page. To experience Snapscreen firsthand, visit their website here.


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