Is This German Innovation Revolutionising Intrusion Detection and Security Industry?

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Key takeaways:

  • LivEye GmbH offers mobile CCTV solutions adaptable to individual needs
  • Modern motion analysis software and intelligent parameters reduce errors
  • The company’s systems are connected to an alarm & video monitoring center operating 24/7

There are considerable challenges when it comes to securing large outdoor areas, inaccessible locations, and places where the location often changes. LivEye GmbH, a security as a service company based in Föhren, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, has developed a solution to address these issues.

LivEye’s mobile CCTV tower can be customized to fit any terrain and surveillance requirement. Each client receives a unique security concept, ensuring robust protection is afforded to all designated areas. This German innovation potentially revolutionizes the intrusion detection and security industry.

One of the remarkable differentiating factors of LivEye’s technology is the smart use of motion analysis software and intelligent parameters. These aspects greatly aid in reducing errors, ensuring an efficient and accurate surveillance system.

Furthermore, all LivEye systems are linked to their alarm & video monitoring center, which operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The center also provides an option for retrospective analysis of alarm messages, spanning back up to four weeks.

It is innovations like LivEye’s that can significantly change the landscape of the security industry. As more businesses and organizations identify and embrace these new approaches to security, the demand, and subsequently the market for these services, is poised to grow.

Indeed, LivEye’s technological advancements bring promise not only to the company’s future, but to the security industry as a whole. Whether it’s monitoring construction sites, commercial areas, or event sites, LivEye offers a revolutionary, efficient, and reliable solution. Follow their journey at or on social media channels: Facebook and LinkedIn.

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