Is Sweden Piloting the Future of Global Finance Transaction Monitoring?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Trapets is a Swedish startup providing cutting-edge services and systems for the global finance industry for monitoring of transactions.
  • They are leading in Market Surveillance in Europe and Northern Europe regarding Anti-Money Laundering Surveillance.
  • Their flagship product, InstantWatch, is a platform with different modules assisting in Market Surveillance, Anti Money Laundering, Fraud Prevention, and Business Intelligence.
  • Trapets aims to prevent market abuse and predict fraud by incorporating both regulatory requirements and internal directives into its system.

In the modern world where financial transactions are at the crux of most activities, Trapets, a Stockholm-based startup, is making waves in the global finance industry with their innovative services and systems for transaction monitoring. Founded by Gunnar Wexell, they have positioned themselves as a leader in securities market surveillance across Europe and Anti Money Laundering (AML) surveillance in Northern Europe.

Trapets provides a complete solution package, offering everything from systems and support to expert consulting and training. Their mastery lies in leveraging technology to combat the challenges posed by market abuse, fraud, and compliance needs of the most demanding financial institutions.

What sets Trapets apart in the Industry is its flagship product, InstantWatch. InstantWatch is a robust platform with various modules for Market Surveillance, AML, Fraud Prevention, and Business Intelligence. The most popular ones being InstantWatch Market and InstantWatch AML. InstantWatch Market has been designed as a real-time data analysis application honed to eradicate market abuse and detect potential fraud.

What makes it unique is its capability to uncover hidden patterns by examining all transactions for any infringements. The implementation of both regulatory directives and internal requirements helps meet the compliance needs of the most demanding financial institutions. This focus on enhancing compliance through innovative technology represents the future of the financial transaction monitoring market.

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Looking forward, Trapets is potentially setting the course for the future of global finance transaction monitoring. In an industry where potential for fraud and market abuse is high, Trapets’s comprehensive suite of services and solutions is providing the stability and compliance financial institutions need. It is indisputably an exciting time for Trapets as they find themselves at the forefront of a rapidly evolving industry.

As financial transactions continue to move online, the industry can expect to see more innovative solutions like those provided by Trapets. With their strong leadership, innovative technology, and focus on meeting the increasing regulatory and compliance needs of financial institutions, Trapets is well positioned to continue pioneering the future of global finance. To connect with them, visit their website at, or find them on Linkedin at

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