Is Southeast Europe Leading in Intelligent Business Analytics Solutions?

Key Takeaways:

  • Poslovna inteligencija, a Southeast European company, is a pioneering leader in intelligent business analytics solutions.
  • They specialize in the implementation of intelligent information systems for strategic decision support.
  • Their services range from data warehouse deployments to business risk management, catering to different business sectors such as telecommunications, banking, and government institutions.
  • Over 130 experienced consultants operate from offices in various Southeast European cities as well as London and Vienna.

Is Southeast Europe leading in Intelligent Business Analytics Solutions? One look at Croatia’s Poslovna inteligencija, and the answer seems to be a resounding “yes.” This strategic Information and Communications Technology (ICT) consultant and analytics solutions provider is changing how businesses make data-driven decisions. Founded by Dražen Oreščanin, Poslovna inteligencija is a trailblazer in the analytics and business intelligence industry, not only in Southeast Europe but on a global scale.

With its headquarters in Zagreb and additional offices in London, Vienna, Ljubljana, Belgrade, Podgorica, and Sarajevo, this company has a far-reaching impact. Not only are they proving to be a leading player in analytics, but they also stand out in their ability to effectively support diverse business sectors, including telecommunications, manufacturing, banking, insurance, distribution, retail, and government institutions.

What differentiates Poslovna inteligencija from many companies in the sector is their holistic approach to data handling. They offer a comprehensive suite of services from data warehouse deployments to data integration, big data analytics, business intelligence, and risk management. Their methodology is centered around not just implementing these systems, but also equipping their clients with the necessary tools to use the data intelligently and effectively.

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This company is all about intelligent solutions for business decision support, placing a high value on certifications from leading technology entities such as Informatica Corporation, IBM, Tableau, and Microsoft. This not only displays their allegiance to top-notch quality but also their commitment to staying abreast of industry-leading technology implementations. Their team of over 130 consultants allows them to consistently deliver exceptional results on over 200 projects.

As we look to the future, it’s evident that Poslovna inteligencija is setting the stage for innovation in the field of intelligent business analytics solutions. With their integrated approach to data management and their commitment to utilizing highly specialized technology, they are a prime example of Southeast Europe’s growing influence in the global tech industry.

The future indeed looks bright not only for Poslovna inteligencija, but for the industry in which they operate. As more businesses recognize the value of high-quality business analytics and decision-support tools, companies like Poslovna inteligencija are poised to continue leading the way. To learn more about their work, follow their journey on their website, Facebook, LinkedIn.

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