Is Solar Cell Efficiency Revolutionised by Scandinavian CIGS Technology Experts?

The Scandinavian region, known for its clean energy initiatives, now houses a ground-breaking start-up named Midsummer that revolutionises solar cell efficiency. Established in 2004 with a stronghold in Stockholm, Sweden, the founders of Midsummer hail from a background in optical disc manufacturing equipment and the photo mask industry. They pioneered in producing competitive Copper Indium Gallium Selenide (CIGS) solar cell technology, a thin film solar cell perceived as a game-changer in the field of photovoltaics.

With their seasoned team of CIGS researchers, Midsummer has managed to overcome the technical obstacles and financial instability that have led to the downfall of many CIGS companies. In their journey, they have smoothly transitioned from laboratory-scale results to volume production, thereby proving their worth in the solar cell technology industry.

    Key Takeaways

  • Founded in 2004, Midsummer operates in the realms of energy efficiency and solar manufacturing from their base in Stockholm.
  • Midsummer circumvents the traditional pitfalls of CIGS technology by employing their expertise from the optical disk industry.
  • With their cutting-edge approach, they have succeeded in transitioning promising laboratory-scale results to large scale volume production at a competitive cost.

The CIGS solar cell technology, despite being developed for almost 40 years, has seldom seen successful implementation in large-scale manufacturing. Furthermore, generating sales with competitive cost structures remained a significant challenge. Midsummer, however, has taken a different path by utilizing their optical disc industry experience for the manufacture of CIGS thin film solar cells. Further deploying 156×156 mm CIGS cells interconnected into modules, the start-up has made great strides in process development, avoiding any upscaling issues and staying flexible to lightweight flexible modules.

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Moreover, Midsummer uniquely uses 0.15 mm thin ferritic stainless steel substrates for their solar cells, bringing in flexibility and lightweight advantages. Their breakthroughs in solar cell efficiency have put them in a promising position within the industry.

Looking into the future, Midsummer holds an advantageous position in the solar cell manufacturing industry. Their commitment to revolutionizing solar cell efficiency provides an optimistic outlook for the future of CIGS technology within photovoltaics. Their resourceful application of background skills combined with their fruitful research could lead to a game-changing revolution in the energy efficiency and solar industries.

Keeping an eye out for Midsummer’s continual innovation will provide insightful glimpses into the evolution of solar cell technology within the EU and beyond. To follow their journey, check their updates on their website here or their LinkedIn page here. Stay tuned for more on Midsummer’s innovative approach to CIGS solar cell technology.

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