Is Sharing Economy Disrupting the Boating and Tourism Industry in Europe?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Antlos is a peer-to-peer marketplace offering all-inclusive boat holidays, disrupting the traditional boating and tourism industry.
  • Antlos is based on the principles of a Sharing Economy, making yacht holidays affordable and accessible.
  • Clients can easily book their holidays and Skippers can earn from the rental of their boat without any agency fees.
  • Antlos has recently merged with, a Swiss company operating in the same market.

The Sharing Economy is disrupting many traditional business models and the boating and tourism industry is no exception to this trend. One European startup that is leading this disruption is Venice-based company, Antlos. Antlos is a peer-to-peer online platform offering all-inclusive, experience-driven boat holidays. The aim is to make yachting experiences simple, affordable and accessible to everyone, hence challenging the status quo of the traditional boating industry.

In the Antlos marketplace, the Skippers (captains and owners of the boats) are the ones managing the holiday offerings, eliminating the need for intermediary travel agencies. This means lower costs for travellers and greater profit margins for the Skippers. Additionally, Antlos’ user-friendly interface allows for easy transaction processing via credit card, PayPal, and bank wire, ensuring a smooth and safe booking experience.

What differentiates Antlos?

Antlos stands out for its disruptive, Sharing Economy-based business model. The platform reimagines boating and tourism by putting control directly in the hands of the Skippers and consumers. It allows for direct interaction between the two parties, enabling personalization of experiences and overall increased customer satisfaction. The platform’s flexible cancellation policies and clear terms and conditions add an extra layer of customer assurance.

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Furthermore, Antlos has embraced technological innovation to foster convenience and accessibility. Its integrated online payment system eliminates the need for cash transactions and potential currency exchange complications. Not just that, the startup’s recent merger with, another player in the online boat holiday market, is set to further strengthen its position in the industry.

Looking ahead

The future for Antlos seems promising, especially as travel and tourism recover post-pandemic. Despite the initial impact on travel and tourism, the sharing economy and trends towards more personal, unique experiences are trends expected to continue in the future. As such, Antlos’ innovative approach to a vacation on a boat can attract a growing number of customers seeking a truly unique holiday experience.

Visit their website at Antlos and follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for more information. The startup is led by founders Marco Signori, Michelangelo Ravagnan, and Nicola Peduzzi, who intersect their passion and expertise for travel and maritime industry, staking Antlos’ place in the innovative landscape of the Sharing Economy.

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