Is Remote Call Centre Solution the Future for European Business Outsourcing?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Yoummday GmbH is the world’s first online marketplace for contact centre solutions for in- and outbound calls, built on the principles of the sharing economy.
  • Allowing call center agents, or “talents”, to work flexibly from home, Yoummday’s model offers benefits to both agents and clients, resulting in increased motivation and cost savings up to 40%.
  • With a rigorous focus on service quality and talent empowerment, Yoummday represents a significant shift in the business outsourcing industry.
  • The company’s high-growth trajectory suggests a significant potential for disruption within the European business process outsourcing landscape.

The modern European business landscape is undergoing a dramatic transformation, spurred by digitalization and the rise of the sharing economy. At the heart of this paradigm shift is Yoummday GmbH, a Munich-based startup that’s revolutionizing the business process outsourcing industry with a remote, flexible contact centre solution. Using innovative software to match clients and freelancing call center agents – whom the company refers to as talents – Yoummday is brimming with potential to become a game-changer in the outsourcing industry.

Born out of a vision to create a brand that exemplifies the power of the shared economy, Yoummday’s unique model presents a compelling value proposition. By providing call center agents with the ability to work from anywhere, the startup not only reduces the carbon footprints associated with traditional call centers, but also empowers individuals with a more flexible, rewarding work life.

Yoummday stands out in many ways, one of them being their bold and innovative business model. By acting as a bridge between clients and talented freelancers, the startup is revolutionizing the call center business, carving out a new paradigm where individual empowerment and client satisfaction coexist. Their unique market position also brings financial advantages. Yoummday allows clients to see cost savings up to 40% and talents take home up to 80% revenue, contributing to enhanced motivation, higher productivity and quality of service.

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Aside from the economic benefits, Yoummday also places a strong emphasis on quality checks and talent training. The company regularly analyzes and tweaks its quality checks, ensuring that all “talents” are meeting the high standards the company and its clients expect. In addition to this, Yoummday also offers managed services to corporate clients, alongside a self-managing possibility, both allowing real-time project monitoring.

As more companies seek to reduce costs and increase efficiency, remote and flexible business solutions like Yoummday’s are set to become more in-demand. With the potential to disrupt traditional business outsourcing, queries of whether remote call centre solutions are the future of European business outsourcing seem to be increasingly leaning towards the affirmative.

Yoummday’s commitment to innovative solutions, quality service and talent empowerment positions it on a high-growth trajectory. As it constantly seeks motivated, self-empowering, curious, critical-thinking and problem-solving individuals to join its team, one can only anticipate greater innovation and disruption within the call center industry. Find out more about Yoummday GmbH via their website here or follow them on LinkedIn.

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