Is Finnish E-learning Redefining Space Travel Training Methodologies?

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Key takeaways:

  • Space Nation, a Finnish startup is redefining the space travel training methodologies with their innovative e-learning platform.
  • They have partnered with several space tech companies, including NASA, to provide interactive training experiences.
  • With more than 2.2 million Euros raised in a crowdfunding campaign, Space Nation is set to take space travel training to the next level.
  • They are the first space travel company to become an affiliate of UNWTO, the United Nations World Travel Organisation.

In the heart of Scandinavia, in the city of Helsinki, a Finnish startup Space Nation is rewriting the rules of space travel training. Founded by Kalle Vähä-Jaakkola and Mazdak Nassir, Space Nation is a space media company that is offering concrete ways for everyone to participate in the upcoming commercial space era.

Space Nation’s mission is to democratise space travel and as a part of this initiative, they have launched a smartphones application for citizen astronauts as a part of their Space Nation Astronaut Training Program. In a nutshell, Space Nation is moving away from traditional astronaut training methods to mobile-enabled e-learning experiences that are globally accessible.

However, what sets Space Nation apart from the rest is their strategic partnerships with some of the leading tech companies in the space industry. For instance, they have a lab space at the International Space Station courtesy of their partnership with NASA. They also have collaborative agreements with Axiom Space for access to the ISS and spaceflight training experiences, as well as IceXtech in Iceland for astronaut field training, thereby providing a comprehensive space training experience for aspiring astronauts.

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The core strengths of Space Nation are not confined to their partnerships. They have the financial muscle to conduct flight training as they have successfully raised more than 2.2 million Euros in a crowdfunding campaign, which include one million Euros pledged in just the first 43 minutes of their campaign. This demonstrates a strong interest and belief in their mission to make space travel and training accessible to everyone through their innovative e-learning platform.

Looking into the future, Space Nation is set on a trajectory towards becoming a dominant player as a space travel company. With exponential technological advancements in space travel, Space Nation’s innovative approach to e-learning promises to redefine astronaut training methodologies. As an affiliate of the United Nations World Travel Organisation, Space Nation is heralding a new age of space travel.

Leveraging strategic partnerships, innovative e-learning methods and the power of crowdfunding, Space Nation is truly pioneering a new dynamic in space travel training not just in Finland, but globally. For more information on Space Nation and to stay updated on their journey, feel free to visit their website here, and follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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