Is Direct Relationship in Data Sharing the Next Phase in Information Technology?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Arbour is revolutionizing data sharing by facilitating direct relationships and mutual trust between organizations.
  • Originally created for the alternative investment market, Arbour aims to expand its reach to all information-rich relationships.
  • The startup believes in less capture and corruption of information, promoting transparency in data sharing.

In an era consumed by information technology, the Berlin-based startup Arbour is carving its own path by fostering direct mutually trusting relationships in data sharing. The company, standing at the intersection of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and Information Technology (IT), is changing the way companies connect and share data. Consisting of a multinational team of technologists, business developers, campaigners, and designers, the team led by founders James Newsome, Stefan Kirsch, and Till Tolksdorf, aims to bring in the next phase of information technology.

The startup, which initially ventured into the alternative investment market, believes in less capture and corruption of information, thereby ensuring transparency in all its dealings. Asset managers are allowed to share data that in turn aids in procuring financing for small businesses. The transparent way in which these transactions are handled also means a fair play for all parties involved.

What sets Arbour apart in this dynamic startup landscape is its flagship offering – Arbour Rooms. By creating an environment for leading financial firms to connect and share data, Arbour is pushing the boundaries of traditional data sharing. These rooms, which were initially intended for the alternative investment market, have enormous potential to redefine the way all information-rich relationships congregate and share data.

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With a backing from like-minded investors, Arbour is now rapidly developing functionalities catering to the needs of Arbour Room users. This focus on continuous growth and evolution ensures that the platform remains innovative and cutting edge, fueled by the very technology it stands to redefine.

The future of Arbour looks promising, as the company seeks to drive the next wave of information technology. By fostering direct relationships and promoting transparent data sharing, Arbour is poised to make a significant impact in the digital landscape. As for the Information and Communications Technology industry, this marks an exciting transition towards direct, secure, and mutually trusting relationships in data sharing.

It all begins with a visit to the Arbour website (here) or connecting with them on their social platforms: Twitter and LinkedIn.


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