How is Italy’s Smartphone App Innovation Changing the Digital Communication Industry?

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Key Takeaways

  • iUP S.rl is a startup company aimed at revolutionizing the digital communication industry via smartphone app innovation.
  • The team consists of six core members who oversee a broader team of twenty.
  • The company’s primary project is 2REC, an app changing voice messaging and audio communication.
  • iUP S.rl has obtained recognition and awards at a global level for its innovative approach.
  • The startup’s short but notable history demonstrates the potential growth and impact of Italy’s burgeoning entrepreneurial industry.

Italy has become a burgeoning hub for technological innovation, fostered by startups like iUP S.r.l. Based in Lombardia and forming part of the ComoNExT Scientific Technological Park ecosystem, iUP S.r.l is changing the digital communication industry, primarily through smartphone app innovation. iUP’s team designs, develops, and markets their own uniquely conceived apps.

Founded in May 2018 by Marco Righetti along with five stakeholders, iUP operates on the Open Innovation model that aggregates a team of six core members who coordinate and manage a larger network of twenty external collaborators. The company’s focus is on disruptive technologies and radical innovations with extensive potential.

What Makes iUP S.r.l. Stand Out?

Special mention must be given to iUP’s flagship project, 2REC, a revolutionary application aimed at transforming voice messaging and audio communication. As opposed to traditional voice communication, 2REC redefines the conversation stage, rendering communication more convenient and time-efficient. This innovative project has secured rewards for iUP and placed them on a fast-track internationalization route.

Furthermore, iUP has twice been selected for the prestigious “Global Startup Program”, an initiative by MISE. They spent three months in Silicon Valley at the Plug & Play Tech Centre and will soon be participating in the “International ScaleUp” program in Los Angeles. This worldwide recognition testifies to the significance of iUP’s contribution to the digital communication industry.

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Looking Forward

While iUP S.r.l. has achieved commendable success within a short span of time, the future is exciting. With a strong foundation and a solid approach, the digital communication capabilities of smartphone app technologies will only continue to innovate and expand, under the careful guidance of iUP.

With an unwavering commitment to revolutionize the digital communication sphere, there’s no stopping iUP’s vision. For more about their strides in audio communication, follow the story at their website ( and connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


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