How is Gaming Media Transforming the World of Online Entertainment?

Key Takeaways:

  •, an Italian-based startup, has created an all-inclusive platform for video game, movie, TV series, and technology discussions, news, and reviews.
  • Initially launched as in May 2000, the platform has evolved significantly, covering every major gaming platform and transforming into an internet sensation for gaming enthusiasts.
  • With daily delivery of over 150 articles, previews, and reviews, has become a go-to platform for the gaming community with significant influence in the world of online entertainment.

In the contemporary era of digital revolution, the world of online entertainment is no longer constrained to a solitary focus. It is becoming increasingly inclusive and expansive, offering vast choices in gaming, movies, TV series, and technology. A prominent illustration of this evolution is the Italian-based online startup ‘’ The platform, launched in May 2000, makes strides to present an informative panorama of home entertainment.

Initially named and exclusively dedicated to the Sega Dreamcast game console, evolved from a specific videogame information portal to a multiplatform presence. It now covers all gaming platforms and genres, particularly Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo console, and PC games.

Everyeye’s standout feature is its commitment to creating a comprehensive and immersive platform for gamers. With more than 150 articles, previews, and reviews published daily, the zeal for providing significant gaming news, tips, and analysis is palpable. The startup stands out with its dedication to covering events of grand scale like the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, and more. Its dedication extends to its movie and TV series section, Movieye, which significantly contributes to the cinema landscape with live reportages from festivals like Cannes, Venice, and Berlin.

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Not only does excel in creating written articles and reviews, but it has also ventured into video content. It successfully hosts a self-produced video section, consisting of game reviews and previews, interviews, entertainment pieces, and gaming industry news briefs. This wide range of video content makes it a unique player in the gaming media sector.

Considering the impact that has already made, concluding on a positive outlook for its future seems inevitable. The startup is set to redefine and reshape the gaming media landscape with its comprehensive and engaging content, creating an immersive experience for gaming enthusiasts. Perhaps the most exciting development is the expansion of their live events programme, with live gameplay and Q&A sessions, propelling further away from its peers.

The future of gaming media lies in creating holistic platforms, like, that cater to evolving needs in a realm where gaming transcends being a mere hobby. Expand your gaming horizons by visiting their website here, or join their community through their social media on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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