How is Branded Entertainment Transforming Integrated Brand Communication in Italy?

Osservatorio Branded Entertainment (OBE), straight out of Milano, Lombardia, Italy is playing a transformative role in revolutionizing how integrated brand communication is perceived and constructed in Italy. Active since 2013, this startup is the harbinger of the new wave of branded entertainment and a strategic lever in the Italian market.

The core activity of OBE is to study, promote, and advocate for branded entertainment. Its positioning as an association is unmatched, as it integrates various stakeholders of the branded entertainment supply chain – the commission, the creators and producers, planners, regulatory bodies, and institutes, and information sources. Essentially, OBE is fostering a culture of knowledge-based, ethical, and respectful branded entertainment.

Key Takeaways:

  • Osservatorio Branded Entertainment is becoming the reference point for all stakeholders in the branded entertainment supply chain in Italy.
  • OBE is associated with BCMA (Branded Content Marketing Association), a worldwide body for professionals dealing with branded content.
  • The startup emphasizes creating know-how on creativity, content production, and performance evaluation.

The groundbreaking contribution of Osservatorio Branded Entertainment lies in its unique approach wherein it goes beyond mere research and consultancy, and actively facilitates the bridge between different factions of branded entertainment. Communications, creative agencies, production companies, media centres, institutes, press, and universities, OBE helps them all engage synergistically.

What differentiates OBE is its active partnership with the Branded Content Marketing Association (BCMA), the worldwide body for professionals dealing with branded content. The association includes the likes of CEO Andrew Canter among the Advisors, solidifying OBE’s standing as an international entity. Hence, OBE is not only the reference point in Italy but also has a robust and influential international footing.

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Considering its systematic and comprehensive approach towards branded entertainment, Osservatorio Branded Entertainment has a bright future. Through research, training, events, networking, and consulting, OBE is developing a culture of knowledge-based, ethical, and respectful branded entertainment. The idea is to focus on creativity, content production, and performance evaluation to advocate for consumer-aware entertainment.

The future of branded entertainment in Italy definitely sees a paradigm shift towards more integrated, consumer-aware, and strategic practices, with companies like Osservatorio Branded Entertainment leading the change. Stay connected with OBE developments on their website and stay up-to-date through their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.

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