How is Blockchain Transforming Fintech and Simplifying Cryptocurrency Investment?

Key Takeaways:

  • Cryptosimple is a fintech startup that simplified crypto investment.
  • The startup offers transparency, fearlessness and accessibility in cryptocurrency investments.
  • A robo-advisor solution is to be introduced which aids in investing a diversified crypto portfolio as per financial goals and risk tolerance.
  • By combining blockchain technology with financial technology, the portfolios cater to every investor’s risk level.
  • Cryptosimple applies a low transparent management fee and doesn’t require a crypto wallet to get started.

They say that cryptocurrency is the future of money, but the world of crypto can be an intimidating place for those unfamiliar with its complex lingo and volatile nature. Against this background, an innovative startup based in Marseille, France named CryptoSimple is ushering in a new era of financial technology by simplifying cryptocurrency investment. CryptoSimple fulfils its promise of making crypto investing ‘simple’, ‘transparent’ and ‘fearless’ through a user-friendly approach.

What makes CryptoSimple stand out from the crowd is their commitment to bridging the gap between traditional and crypto investing. Their mission is to make cryptocurrency more understandable and accessible to everyone, irrespective of their prior knowledge or experience in crypto trading. They teach potential investors what to invest in, why to invest in it and how to learn as you go, making the whole process more accessible and less intimidating.

The startup offers a unique selling proposition by offering a robo-advisor solution which aids in investing a diversified crypto portfolio to match individual financial goals and risk tolerance. It also taps into the Decentralised Finance (DeFi) ecosystem which allows the users to earn interest similar to traditional investing, but with DeFi, interest is compounded and earned round the clock. This combination of blockchain technology with financial technology caters to every investor’s risk level.

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Another distinctive feature of CryptoSimple is that it doesn’t require a crypto wallet to get started, and offers a low and transparent management fee, ensuring that there are no hidden charges. With such a clear, risk-adjusted, and user-friendly approach, CryptoSimple makes investing in crypto a straightforward process.

Looking ahead to the future, CryptoSimple is set to continue its mission to simplify cryptocurrency investment and transform the fintech industry. By leveraging the capabilities of blockchain technology combined with traditional financial instruments, Cryptosimple may well be a game-changer in democratising and facilitating access to cryptocurrency investments. In a world where fintech is rapidly evolving and blockchain technology is making strides in transforming the financial landscape, startups like CryptoSimple will be at the forefront of driving this change, one simplified investment at a time.

For more information, visit their website and follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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