How is Advanced Indoor Positioning And Navigation Disrupting Mobile Software Industry?


Nextome, an Italian startup, is transforming the mobile software industry with its advanced indoor positioning and navigation system. Their revolutionary technology is disrupting how we navigate indoors, and proving beneficial in an array of settings such as shopping malls, airports, and hospitals where accurate, real-time location data can significantly enhance user-experience and operations. The innovative solution has placed Nextome on the map as a global leader in the indoor positioning industry.

The Puglia-based company was founded by a team of passionate computer science students eager to devise a solution for the challenges of indoor navigation. Over the years, Nextome honed their patented technology – a combination of smartphone sensors, low-signal Bluetooth beacons, a physical model, and Ai algorithms – to achieve a high degree of accuracy and simplicity.

  • Nextome is a global leader in indoor positioning and navigation.
  • The startup uses a combination of smartphone sensors, low-signal Bluetooth beacons, physical models, and AI algorithms to achieve impressive results.
  • The solution offers great value, has a simple installation process and ready-to-use feature.
  • Nextome’s advanced technology is set to disrupt the mobile software industry.

What differentiates Nextome from the rest is the value they place on accuracy, simplicity and affordability. Their system provides indoor positioning with an impressive accuracy of 1-2 meters. Moreover, it allows for simple, no-fingerprinting installation, making the system almost immediately usable. In a fierce market landscape, these features, combined with a cost-effective pricing structure, give Nextome a competitive edge.

In addition to the indoor positioning and navigation system, Nextome also offers tools to manage infrastructure and analyze data in real-time. Their system is designed for effortless integration into existing mobile applications, and is tailored to provide individual, value-enhancing features. This blend of user-friendly, custom application and well-honed technology sets Nextome apart in the industry.

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The future looks bright for Nextome as it continues to reshape and influence the mobile software industry. As businesses and consumers increasingly seek seamless indoor navigation experiences, demand for Nextome’s advanced solutions will likely grow. The indoor positioning industry is set to flourish with continual technological advancements, and Nextome is well-positioned to lead this progression.

For more information on Nextome, explore their official website here. You can also find them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


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Keep exploring EU Startups  Startup Showcase: The Next Web – Connecting the World through Technology
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