Google and Partner to Revolutionize Maternity Care with MedPaLM 2

Cutting-Edge AI Technology Supports Women During Pregnancy, Maternity, and Beyond

Key Takeaways:

  •, an AI-powered maternity care solution, has partnered with Google to utilize MedPaLM 2, a state-of-the-art AI system, for safe communication on pregnancy wellbeing and parenthood topics.
  • With the support of Google’s medically tuned LLM (Longitudinal Learning Model), Soula aims to provide accurate and secure support and education solutions in the field of pregnancy and maternity.
  • The partnership includes $350,000 worth of credits from Google Cloud to finetune the chatbot and explore new technological opportunities.

Empowering Maternity Care with MedPaLM 2, an AI-powered maternity care solution, has joined forces with Google to introduce a groundbreaking approach to supporting women during pregnancy, maternity, and beyond. With the utilization of MedPaLM 2, an advanced AI system developed by Google, becomes one of the first non-medical health solutions to incorporate this cutting-edge technology into their chatbot.

MedPaLM 2, which achieved an impressive score of 85.4% on The United States Medical Licensing Examination, brings a medically tuned LLM to the partnership. This innovative technology allows to offer the market the most accurate and secure support and education solution in the field of pregnancy and maternity.

Additionally, as a testament to their commitment to improving maternal care, Google Cloud has awarded $350,000 worth of credits. These credits will enable to further refine and enhance the capabilities of their chatbot, ensuring that it continues to provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date support to expecting and new mothers.

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Revolutionizing Maternity Support with

Powered by MedPaLM 2, introduces a new range of chatbot abilities in the realm of mental health, providing factual replies, up-to-date statistics, and empathetic guidance on emotional issues. With the assistance of the medical LLM, tailors personalized responses that prioritize the well-being of users, ensuring that all information presented on their screens is free from potential harm or critical omissions.

The primary goal of is to provide support to women on pregnancy and maternity matters by offering vital information and guidance. The chatbot assists in tracking fetal movement and kick frequency, and addresses lifestyle inquiries concerning nutrition, sleep, physical activity, and emotional self-care. Furthermore, readily provides factual responses to queries about the locations of nearby medical centers based on the user’s location.

Even after childbirth, continues to be a trusted companion, offering guidance on breastfeeding, postpartum physical recovery, techniques to soothe the baby, and ethical approaches to addressing postpartum depression. The integration of MedPaLM 2 ensures that can deliver reliable and accurate information while maintaining an empathetic and supportive approach.

Natallia Miranchuk, CEO and founder of, expressed her excitement about the collaboration, stating, “Through MedPaLM 2 and finetune by parenthood educators and certified doulas expertise, Soula aims to revolutionize AI-powered support for women before, during pregnancy and postpartum, ensuring ethical and empathetic communication on sensitive matters and providing emotional comfort without compromising their physical health. The fact that Google has shown trust in and its mission means that we are doing the right thing.”

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Addressing a Critical Need in Maternity Care

The United States is experiencing an alarming increase in pregnancy-related deaths, with mental health problems being the leading cause. By providing pregnant women in vulnerable states with emotional and educational support and informing them about health norms, one in five deaths could potentially be prevented. While human experts are often costly and not readily available at all hours, AI provides a valuable complement by effectively addressing the concerns of pregnant women around the clock, ensuring continuous care and support.

Introducing is an AI-powered assistant for pregnancy, maternity, and beyond, based in Cyprus. It offers evidence-based, structured content, a personalized AI-based chatbot, as well as a pregnancy planner and tracker. The project has attracted the attention and support of prominent individuals like Natalia Vodianova and Katsia Domankova, who have invested in and mentored the initiative.

With the collaboration between and Google, the field of maternity care is set to undergo a transformative change. The integration of MedPaLM 2 and the expertise of’s team aim to revolutionize AI-powered support for women, ensuring that they receive accurate, empathetic, and ethical communication on sensitive matters throughout their journey of pregnancy, maternity, and beyond.

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