From Cybersecurity to Micromobility: Estonia’s Hottest Software Startups

Estonia, a small country in Northern Europe, has gained recognition for its thriving tech industry and startup ecosystem. Home to only 1.3 million people, Estonia has produced numerous successful startups, including Skype, TransferWise, and Bolt. In this article, we highlight 15 interesting software startups in Estonia that are making waves in their respective industries.

QANplatform: Quantum-Resistant Hybrid Blockchain Platform

QANplatform is a hybrid blockchain platform that enables developers to build decentralized applications (DApps) and run business processes on the blockchain. With its quantum-resistant technology, QANplatform provides a secure and scalable solution for businesses to leverage the benefits of blockchain technology.

Bidrento: Property Management Made Easy

Bidrento is a property management software that automates the management of rental units and renters for landlords, property managers, and letting agents. Its user-friendly platform streamlines processes such as tenant screening, rent collection, and maintenance requests, making property management hassle-free.

DUCKT: Micromobility Infrastructure Solution

DUCKT is a micromobility infrastructure solution that provides docking, locking, and charging services for electric vehicles. By optimizing operations and enhancing user experience, DUCKT is transforming the last mile transportation industry and promoting sustainable mobility.

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BotGuard: Protect Your Website Against Malicious Bots

BotGuard offers a service that protects websites against malicious bots, crawlers, scrapers, and hacker attacks. Its AI-powered technology provides real-time monitoring and threat detection, ensuring the security and integrity of websites.

VITS: Web-Platform for Health and Safety Specialists

VITS is a web-platform that enables health and safety specialists to manage health and safety activities effortlessly. With its intuitive interface and automation features, VITS helps businesses comply with regulations and maintain a safe working environment.

Botgate AI: Conversational Marketing and Sales Platform

Botgate AI is a conversational marketing and sales platform that leverages AI to engage customers and drive sales. Its solutions include chatbots, lead generation, and analytics tools that enable businesses to optimize their marketing and sales strategies.

Getpin: All-in-One Solution for Customer Experience Automation

Getpin offers an all-in-one solution for multi-location businesses to automate their customer experience. Its features include local advertising, SEO optimization, and customer feedback management, helping businesses increase their online presence and attract more customers.

DataCalculus: Automated Software for Advanced Data Analysis

DataCalculus is a software that automates advanced data analysis and machine learning processes. Its user-friendly interface and powerful algorithms democratize data science, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Kelp.Digital: Your Art, Your Terms

A creative market where content creators are not bounded to any platform and can set the terms for others to use their work without a hitch.To shift the power from the centralized closed systems to individual creators by combining cutting edge technology with creative powers of the community.

OnBench: Worldwide Team Search Platform

OnBench is a team search platform that connects outsourcing teams, companies, and developers with new customers. Its features include project management tools, real-time collaboration, and secure payment systems, enabling businesses to find the right talent and complete projects successfully.

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Factology.Systems: Tool to Identify Fake News

Factology.Systems offers a tool that identifies fake news and presents clear facts. By leveraging AI and natural language processing technologies, Factology.Systems helps users distinguish between real and fake news and make informed decisions.

Decryptum: Solutions for Password Recovery

Decryptum provides solutions for password recovery for individuals and businesses. Its software and hardware solutions enable users to recover passwords from various devices and platforms, ensuring access to critical data.

SpaceBus: Offshore Development Agency

SpaceBus is an offshore development agency that specializes in building remote development teams. Its team of experts provides end-to-end software development services, from planning and design to implementation and maintenance.

C-Yber: Cybersecurity and Software Solutions

C-Yber is a consultancy that provides cybersecurity and software solutions to companies. Its services include risk assessment, threat detection, and compliance management, ensuring the security and integrity of businesses’ digital assets.

Nutiparkla: Real-Time Parking Data and Analytics

Nutiparkla is a software that provides real-time data for parking-spot availability and analytics solutions. Its features include occupancy tracking, payment processing, and reporting tools, helping businesses optimize their parking operations and improve customer satisfaction.


Estonia’s software startup ecosystem continues to grow and produce innovative solutions in various industries. These 15 startups are just a glimpse of the country’s potential and the impact they can have on the global market. As Estonia continues to foster a supportive environment for startups, we can expect more exciting developments in the future.

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