Exploring the Vibrant Social Startup Scene of Ile-de-France, France

Connecting Communities and Minds: Ile-de-France's Social Startups Ignite Innovation

Delve into the world of social entrepreneurship in Ile-de-France, France, where startups are harnessing technology to foster connections, empower communities, and redefine social engagement.

EverReady.ai: Pioneering AI Solutions for Business Growth

Discover EverReady.ai, an AI-powered app that offers innovative solutions for business growth. With a focus on AI-driven business development and social CRM, EverReady.ai is reshaping the way companies connect with their audiences.

Tandemz: Revolutionizing User Experience Research Through Technology

Tandem provides businesses with easy access to users to conduct research so that they can create better products.

Logora: Fostering Debate and Dialogue Through Social Networking

Uncover Logora, the debate social network that facilitates meaningful discussions. With Logora, individuals and communities can engage in constructive conversations, driving social change through dialogue.

feamzy: Cultivating Social Networks through Mobile Apps

Experience feamzy, a mobile application that empowers users to create and nurture their own social networks. With feamzy, individuals can effortlessly connect, share, and engage with others in their social circles.

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SIMACS: Strengthening Civic and Social Organizations

Discover SIMACS, a pivotal force in Civic and Social Organizations. SIMACS plays a crucial role in shaping social engagement and strengthening community bonds.

NOVLINI: Elevating Digital Strategy Through Creative Expertise

Engage with NOVLINI, a digital strategy consulting and execution firm. NOVLINI offers services in content creation, media, and entertainment, creating powerful narratives that resonate with digital audiences.

Unapei Hauts-de-Seine: Empowering Social Inclusion for All

Unapei Hauts-de-Seine is dedicated to supporting people with mental disabilities and promoting their full development and social inclusion. Discover their impactful work at Unapei Hauts-de-Seine.

Bonjour Podcast: Nurturing Digital Media through Production Services

Explore Bonjour Podcast, a platform offering production services and training for companies and professionals in the digital media and podcasting landscape. Bonjour Podcast fuels creativity and innovation in the realm of digital content.

Plaiz (Acquired by Watiz): A Fashion-Forward Social Network

Step into the world of fashion with Plaiz, a fashion social network and mobile app that brings style enthusiasts and fashion brands together. Plaiz is at the forefront of fashion engagement.

Reloadium: Real-Time Connections Redefined

Discover Reloadium, a platform that connects people who are available in real time. Reloadium reshapes social networking by facilitating instant connections and interactions.

Udare: Embracing Challenges Through a Social Platform

Engage with Udare, a challenge platform that encourages users to step out of their comfort zones. Udare leverages technology to foster social connections and personal growth.

N8: Revolutionizing Event Networking through Web3

Uncover N8, the web3 social network that brings together crowds, artists, and event organizers. N8 reshapes event promotion and engagement through blockchain technology.

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BeReal.: Capturing Moments of Authenticity

Discover BeReal., a photo-sharing app that encourages users to capture and share authentic moments in just 2 minutes. BeReal. redefines social media by prioritizing genuine connections.

Cocoon-Immo: Crafting Digital Communities Through Social Media

Engage with Cocoon-Immo, a startup specializing in social media, online advertising, and community management. Cocoon-Immo empowers businesses with effective digital communication strategies.

Snackeet: Elevating Presentation Design with Creativity

Uncover Snackeet, a platform that enables the design of creative online presentations, forms, quizzes, and surveys. Snackeet enhances marketing and communication efforts through interactive design.

Navigating the Social Innovation Landscape of Ile-de-France

From AI-powered business growth solutions to innovative social networks, Ile-de-France’s social startups are reshaping the way communities connect, businesses thrive, and conversations are ignited. These 15 startups exemplify the region’s commitment to harnessing technology for social impact and engagement.

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