Exploring Piemonte’s Innovation Hub: 15 Pioneering Software Startups

From AI to E-Commerce: Unveiling Piemonte's Vibrant Software Ecosystem

Dive into the bustling software startup scene of Piemonte, Italy, where innovation thrives at the intersection of technology and creativity. Join us as we uncover 15 exceptional startups that are shaping the digital landscape.

Newesis: Redefining IT Solutions with Cloud and DevOps

Discover Newesis, an IT powerhouse specializing in cloud computing, DevOps engineering, and managed IT solutions. Explore the intersection of technology and IT management.

Performoney: Empowering Financial Institutions with Marketing Precision

Engage with Performoney, a powerhouse aiding financial institutions and fintech companies in boosting client and customer acquisition rates. Witness the fusion of advertising and finance.

2AeS Group: Pioneering IT Innovations from Management Software to Cybersecurity

Uncover 2AeS Group, a dynamic IT firm offering management software, web design, e-commerce solutions, branding, and cybersecurity services. Navigate the realm of cyber protection and web development.

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tabUi: A Unified Platform for Territory Information

Explore tabUi, a free app consolidating all territory information into a single platform. Immerse yourself in the world of mobile app technology.

HYPE: AI-Based Systems for Personal Safety and Energy Management

Step into the world of AI-powered safety and energy management with HYPE. Discover how hardware and software innovation merge to enhance personal safety.

Cob-Solution: Pioneering Robotic and Automated Solutions

Unveil Cob-Solution, a visionary in automated and robotic solutions. Witness how robotics transform industries, from manufacturing to logistics.

We4Guest: Revolutionizing Hotel Management with Comprehensive SaaS

Engage with We4Guest, the all-encompassing SaaS solution for hoteliers. Discover how technology streamlines hospitality management.

C2Tech: Defending Digital Realms with IT Security Expertise

Delve into the world of cybersecurity and IT services with C2Tech. Explore services ranging from IT security to data recovery.

GeDy TrAss: Empowering Mechanical Design through Technology

Uncover GeDy TrAss, a force in mechanical design solutions. Engage with technology-driven tools that shape industries.

Clearbox AI: Enriching AI and Data Projects through Synthetic Data

Discover Clearbox AI, an innovative platform enhancing AI and data projects through synthetic data generation. Witness how data innovation transforms industries.

Usophy: Learning Ebooks at Your Fingertips

Engage with Usophy, the subscription service for learning ebooks. Explore the EdTech landscape through accessible digital education.

Double Dot: Elevating Email Marketing with AI and CRM

Unveil Double Dot, the software development company behind AI-powered CRM and email marketing solutions. Witness the fusion of AI and marketing.

Visidea: Visual Search and Recommendations for E-Commerce

Step into the world of visual search and recommendations for e-commerce with Visidea. Discover how technology enhances the online shopping experience.

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Algor Lab: AI-Driven Tools for Interactive Education

Explore Algor Lab, the web app revolutionizing education through artificial intelligence. Immerse yourself in the world of AI-enhanced teaching.

CoDe_RTD: Fighting Digital Piracy through AI and Security

Uncover CoDe_RTD, a visionary in the battle against digital piracy. Explore the intersection of artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.

Piemonte’s Software Renaissance: Redefining Innovation

Piemonte’s software landscape is a hotbed of innovation, where startups are forging new paths and reimagining industries. These 15 startups exemplify Piemonte’s commitment to technology, pioneering solutions that drive progress across various sectors.

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