Exploring French Fitness Startups: Who Leads the Wellness Revolution in Europe?

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France is rapidly becoming an international hub for fitness startups, boasting a diverse range of companies working on innovative solutions for health-related issues. These startups are not only shifting traditional views on wellness and fitness, but they’re also disrupting the market with user-friendly and technologically advanced products. Here is a comprehensive showcase of some of the most noteworthy fitness startups based in France, each with its unique flair and futuristic ideas.




Founded by Olivier Algoud and Simon Burellier, Charles.co aims to help men regain control over their daily health concerns. This startup operates within the fitness and health care industry offering personalised health options based on individual needs. Targeting primarily male consumers, this company reflects a critical step toward male-oriented wellness solutions.

Les Miraculeux

Les Miraculeux, a startup co-founded by David Gueunoun, specialises in food supplements in the form of vitamin-enriched fruit gummies. By combining wellness, nutrition, and fitness sectors, this startup strives to revolutionise traditional supplement consumption with a more enjoyable and convenient solution.


Maxim Balcony founded Sonup with a mission to combat hearing disorders. The startup develops applications that can assess various types of hearing disorders, SoounUp is a laudable addition to the fitness and wellness industry, representing the niche of hearing health.


Voltaire manufactures electric bikes with a vintage design suitable for everyday urban use. Although falling within the fitness and wellness industry, Voltaire introduces a unique concept blending vintage design into modern fitness equipment.

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Namatata takes a science-based approach to develop French guided meditation programs. The startup is a unique addition to the French fitness industry, focusing on the often-neglected mental aspect of fitness and health.


myCharlotte offers care programs and wellness services through an easily accessible mobile application. The app adds value to the French health care, wellness, and fitness industry by providing on-demand access to wellness services.


TrainSweatEat is a comprehensive fitness solution, delivering health care, wellness, and fitness services through a website and an app. The startup caters to both iOS and Android users and aims to provide holistic fitness solutions.

bsport solution

Co-founded by Sofian Medbouhi and Zakaria Mansour, bsport solution offers a software platform for boutique fitness studios. The startup caters to the increasing demand for personalised workout solutions, adding significant value to the fitness industry.

Circular | Be more

Circular | Be more was founded by Adiasa Suharno, Amaury Kosman, and Laurent Bsalis. The startup aims to democratise personal health and operates within the fitness, healthcare, and wearable tech industry. Circular is a promising startup in personal health and wellness industry.

Heck Yeah

Founders AbdelMohsen Abdelgawwad and Bassel Anjoukeh drive Heck Yeah, a mobile-based marketplace for health & fitness. The startup represents a convergence of e-commerce and fitness, making it easier for consumers to find suitable health and fitness solutions.


BBalance offers a unique product — a matscale with footprint recognition for health improvement. This consumer goods startup stands out in the fitness, health care, and wellness industry with a unique, tech-forward product.

Nonna Lab

Nonna Lab stands out as a provider of anti-hangover drinks made from vegan, low-sugar, and natural ingredients. The startup adds a new dimension to the French fitness, pharmaceutical, and wellness industries, with a niche product for alcohol drinkers.

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Gapianne is a startup that focuses on women’s intimate well-being. As the first of its kind in France, it provides information and solutions for issues related to libido, hormones, and periods, thus addressing the wellness needs of women comprehensively.


The healthcare company nehs offers a wide range of services aimed at improving the health of its users. Covering both the fitness and wellness market, nehs provides an expansive range of services to enhance the health and wellbeing of its users.


Alcoool provides a targeted solution to a widespread issue – hangovers. Its product is a dietary supplement that promises to alleviate the ill-effects of alcohol. The startup operates within the dietary supplements, fitness, food and beverage, and wellness industry. Providing a solution to a common issue, Alcoool has the potential to become a must-have for people who enjoy a night out.

France’s fitness startups set a high standard with their cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions for enhancing health and wellness. This group of startups represents the future of the fitness industry, proving that innovation and creativity are key to developing practical services and products for improved health.

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