Eco-friendly Textile Startup HeiQ AeoniQ Secures Series Unknown Funding from MAS Holdings

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Key Takeaways:

  • HeiQ AeoniQ, an innovative textile manufacturing startup, has completed its first funding round of an undisclosed series.
  • The lead investor for the round is MAS Holdings, a renowned global apparel technology firm.
  • HeiQ AeoniQ focuses on producing a cellulosic endless filament yarn, promising to reduce environmental footprints significantly in the textile industry.
  • The company is based in Herzogenburg, Niederosterreich, Austria, and operates within the Manufacturing, Sustainability, and Textiles industries.


In a progressive move for the Manufacturing, Sustainability, and Textiles sectors, Austria-based startup HeiQ AeoniQ recently completed a funding round, securing an undisclosed sum in its first venture funding round, dubbed “Series Unknown”. HeiQ AeoniQ specializes in the creation of cellulosic endless filament yarn with an impressive low environmental footprint.

The round saw participation from prominent investor, MAS Holdings, renowned for its commitment to innovative technologies within the apparel industry. MAS Holdings led the funding round, reinforcing their dedication to support groundbreaking endeavors that aim to merge the world of technology with sustainability in the textiles realm.

Established in Herzogenburg, Niederosterreich, Austria, HeiQ AeoniQ is carving a niche for itself in the world of sustainable textiles. The startup’s innovative manufacturing process promises a significant reduction in environmental footprints in the industry, a compelling initiative in the face of escalating global environmental concerns.

The funding announcement comes as a bold testament to the viability and promise of HeiQ AeoniQ’s vision for the textile industry’s future. The investment made by MAS Holdings not only provides essential financial support for the fledgling startup but also offers a significant vote of confidence in its innovative and environmentally conscious endeavors.

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You can explore more about HeiQ AeoniQ and its groundbreaking approach to textiles on their website or check their company profile on Crunchbase.

The recent fundraising round, concluded on July 6, 2023, marks an exciting chapter in HeiQ AeoniQ’s journey, providing the necessary financial impetus for continued innovation and growth. The infusion of funds is expected to help the startup drive advancements in sustainable textile manufacturing, propelling the industry towards a greener future.

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