Catalyzing the Future: Exploring Catalonia’s AI Innovators

Unveiling the Powerhouse of AI Startups Shaping Catalonia's Technological Landscape

Catalonia, a region known for its rich history and vibrant culture, is also making its mark on the global stage with its burgeoning startup ecosystem. In this article, we dive into the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI) startups that are at the forefront of innovation in Catalonia, Spain. From reimagining healthcare to revolutionizing travel, these 15 startups are harnessing the power of AI to transform industries and create a more connected future.

Nuclia: Empowering Developers with AI-Powered Search Engines

Nuclia’s API empowers developers to build AI-powered search engines, revolutionizing how users discover information and enhancing digital experiences.

Website: Nuclia

Nina Capital: Investing in Health Tech Pioneers

Nina Capital identifies health tech pioneers and invests in their ventures, leveraging AI and data to drive transformative advancements in healthcare.

Website: Nina Capital

Talentfy: Bridging Companies and Freelance IT Recruiters with AI

Talentfy’s AI-driven platform bridges companies and freelance IT recruiters, ensuring the perfect match for every job opportunity.

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Website: Talentfy

Nextmol: Revolutionizing Chemical Design with AI

Nextmol’s cloud-based platform accelerates chemical design by combining molecular modeling and AI, unlocking innovation in the world of chemistry.

Website: Nextmol

Paymefy: AI-Powered Debt Collection for Financial Success

Paymefy’s AI debt collection solution maximizes recovery rates and minimizes costs, transforming the landscape of debt recovery.

Website: Paymefy

Sycai Technologies: Transforming Healthcare with AI

Sycai Technologies empowers healthcare services with AI, enhancing medical processes and outcomes for professionals and patients alike.

Website: Sycai Technologies

Datavision: Enabling AI Ops and Cybersecurity

Datavision’s AI Ops platform leverages machine learning and analytics to optimize cybersecurity, log analytics, and application performance.

Website: Datavision

Aimentia HealthTech: Pioneering Mental Health with AI

Aimentia HealthTech’s AI platform redefines mental health support, connecting professionals and patients in a new era of mental well-being.

Website: Aimentia HealthTech

Clinicgram: Advancing Wound Management with AI

Clinicgram’s AI-powered modular platform optimizes clinical image analysis for wound management, elevating patient care through technology.

Website: Clinicgram

Bobelo Travel: Crafting Intelligent Business Travel Itineraries

Bobelo Travel’s AI-driven approach crafts intelligent business travel itineraries, making corporate travel a seamless and enriching experience.

Website: Bobelo Travel

Envjoy Nature: Reconnecting Humans with Nature through AI

Envjoy Nature uses AI and augmented reality to challenge the status quo and rekindle the human connection with nature.

Website: Envjoy Nature

SaFLY: Disruption Management for Aviation Excellence

SaFLY’s AI-based solution manages operational disruptions in aviation, optimizing cost control and ensuring seamless travel experiences.

Website: SaFLY

Beawre: Navigating Operational Risk with AI

Beawre’s AI solutions empower businesses with continuous operational risk management, ensuring resilience and stability.

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Website: Beawre

AllRead Machine Learning Technologies: Intelligent Reading for Supply Chains

AllRead’s deep tech brings intelligent reading software to global supply chains, enhancing efficiency and accuracy through AI.

Website: AllRead Machine Learning Technologies

The Predictive Company: AI Solutions for Energy Management

The Predictive Company employs AI to optimize energy management in buildings, paving the way for sustainable and efficient practices.

Website: The Predictive Company


Catalonia’s AI startup ecosystem is a vibrant tapestry of innovation, bringing AI’s transformative power to industries ranging from healthcare to travel. These 15 startups showcase the region’s dedication to harnessing AI for positive change. As they continue to push boundaries and redefine the way we interact with technology, Catalonia’s AI startups are shaping a future where artificial intelligence enhances our lives in ways we could only dream of.

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