Capturing Imagination: Germany’s 15 Innovators Revolutionizing the Video Industry

Uncover how these 15 German startups are reshaping the video landscape, combining technology, creativity, and entrepreneurship to revolutionize the way we view the world.

1. vystem

vystem is making waves in the event industry with its platform for creating digital events. Its services span across marketing automation, ticketing, and video conferencing, making virtual events more accessible and interactive.

2. Mosaeek

Founded by Carlo Thissen, Jeremie Olivier, and Raphael Allstadt, Mosaeek offers a unique, bi-directional video communication platform. Its tools are paving the way for interactive online video experiences.

3. Phoenix Games

Co-founded by Georg Broxtermann and Klaas Kersting, Phoenix Games acquires game development studios, helping their founders to achieve their creative and financial goals. Its focus on innovation is reshaping the video gaming industry.


Leonine, a media production firm, delivers an array of production services spanning film, television, and social media. This startup is enhancing storytelling and entertainment through the power of video.

5. Moomash

Moomash’s technology identifies music in YouTube videos, bridging the gap between music and video industries. This startup is transforming how users discover and interact with music online.

6. trember

Trember, founded by Dmitry Gorilovskiy, Jonathan Streubel, and Nikolai Riesenkampff, offers an interactive social collaboration platform for virtual events. By marrying video conferencing with interactive tools, trember fosters engaging virtual experiences.

7. Arcware

Arcware offers IT services focusing on streaming interactive real-time experiences using 3D technology. Its innovative approach to video streaming brings new dimensions to online interaction.

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8. Sopher

Sopher provides a secure communication and collaboration platform for both personal use and businesses. Its focus on video conferencing showcases the growing need for secure, reliable remote communication tools.

9. Kingsleague

Kingsleague brings competitiveness to online video gaming. The company is contributing to the rise of esports and is making competitive gaming more accessible to a wider audience.


Co-founded by Claudemiro Feitosa and Julius Jacobi, FRAEND’s platform offers users the chance to improve themselves with expert advice through video. This startup underscores the educational potential of video technology.

11. airVting

Under the leadership of Christina Yip and Ryan Ong, airVting provides a social-commerce platform that promotes e-commerce activities through live-streaming. This integration of video and e-commerce is redefining online shopping experiences.

12. Videobakers

Videobakers offers motion pictures and film services. By merging traditional filming techniques with innovative technology, it provides dynamic solutions for advertising and entertainment.

13. Double Spark Entertainment

Double Spark Entertainment is a game development studio that produces engaging video games for the PC platform. It’s contributing to the diverse and evolving world of video gaming.

14. d-force

d-force is an innovative startup developing digital advertising technology. Its solutions facilitate end-to-end management of cross-channel programmatic video campaigns, revolutionizing video advertising.

15. Uniforx

Uniforx offers media production services that include video. This startup embodies the transformative power of digital media in the entertainment industry.

From live-streaming e-commerce to game development and beyond, these German startups are harnessing the power of video technology to create impactful and immersive experiences. With such innovation, the future of the video industry in Germany looks exciting and bright.

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