Can Smart Augmented Reality Furniture Revolutionise Outdoor Social Interactions?

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Key takeaways:

  • Green Social Bench Srl, a startup in Sassari, Italy, is revolutionising outdoor social interactions through smart augmented reality furniture.
  • The company’s innovative design enhances the appeal of outdoor spaces by providing user-friendly technologies.
  • Green Social Bench’s product is proudly made in Italy, embodying years of expertise in the ICT, telecommunications, electrical systems, and automation sectors.
  • The future of outdoor social interactions and industries like ICT, IoT, and AR is poised for a transformation through such innovative startups.

Green Social Bench Srl (GSB), a remarkable startup headquartered in Sassari, Sardegna, Italy, is forward-thinking in its extraordinary approach to revolutionise outdoor social interactions. Situated at the intersection of several crucial industries – Augmented Reality, Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Information Technology, Internet of Things, and Telecommunications – GSB is tackling a widespread need for smart, socially-oriented design that harmonizes with outdoor environments.

GSB’s primary offering is a smart bench ingrained with several technologies that serve to increase the enjoyment and sociability of outdoor spaces. The understanding and proficiency gained from decades of involvement in various technological sectors have been harnessed to create an innovative and multi-functional product, a smart seat that augments any outdoor setting.

What sets GSB apart is not just the integration of multiple technologies into a simple bench, but their emphasis on creating an engaging and dynamic experience for the users. With a bevy of technological partners, a diverse clientele involving public and private entities, municipalities, businesses, and event spaces, the company has constructed a product that serves the communal and social needs of this wide-ranging market. Moreover, GSB takes pride in its heritage – from concept to realization, their product is thoroughly and unapologetically Italian.

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Not only does GSB challenge the traditional concept of a park bench, but it also brings a whole new dimension to outdoor social life. By using Augmented Reality, they are creating a blended environment where digital and physical elements coexist, enabling users to have an enhanced, interactive outdoor experience. Furthermore, this fusion of ICT, AR, IoT, and telecommunications in a seamless product reflects its versatile capabilities in redefining our interaction with outdoor spaces.

The future of the startup looks bright, with a considerable market potential for a product that can make public and private outdoor spaces more interactive and technologically advanced. Green Social Bench Srl stands at the precipice of an emerging trend in the AR and IoT industry, blending daily life with technology. With this vision, they are set to leave a substantial impact on the Augmented Reality and ICT industries.

With this trend in the pipeline, GSB’s potential to change the way we interact outdoors is immense. For more information, visit their website. Or, follow them on Facebook to stay updated with the latest innovative ideas and implementation.


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